5 Seconds Of Summer Heartbreak Girl

5 Seconds Of Summer Youngblood (2018)
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Yorumlar ( 5 Seconds Of Summer - Heartbreak Girl)

It still slaps so hard I don’t care

2 03 ash looks like dream

If you re here in 2021 you re a legend

can y’all shut up I’m trying to find the comments from 8 years ago

still here on 2021

if you re still here 2021 you re a legend

Calum girl here since 2014

2021 listeners ❤️👆

Amo tanto esta canción 💫

Bruh this song was my youth

La verdad no sé por qué no les guste está canción es muy buena

missing 5sos hrs

• If you re still here in 2021 you re a legend

2021 anyone


I remember watching this video in third grade with my best friend Now I’m in tenth grade and we don’t even speak anymore How does time go by so fast


Ohh I love them so much😭😘😘💓💓

Anyone 2021

My mans out really out there pretending this masterpiece ✨doesn’t exist ✨

Dear Calum I still love you in 2021 And I still love this song too😁

I think this band is one of the few bands that have a thing that thing is called originality and now there is very little of that

2021 alguien

it s literally 2021 and this is literally my favorite song rn

esta cancion me trae muy buenos recierdos😭

2021 🎧 April 🌸

i m a new fan and i feel nostalgic even i wasn t there those times


Who is here in 2021

calum how tf are you gonna hate this song

Calum I still love you in 2021

if you re still here in 2021 you re a legend

Who s here in 2021

cal s favorite 3

essa musica é o pesadelo de calum hood

this song really bring back memories

Anyone here in 2021

Am I the only one in 2021 🙋‍♂️

5SOS Heartbreak girl Niall Heartbreak weather 😭 I need a Collab so bad

back here in 2021 only to annoy calum

This is my favorite song but Calum hate this masterpiece How I don’t know

Calum’s fav song

2021 na yaww 5sos padin HAHAHAHA

April 2021 still love this song


This is such an anthem


Me watching ended up crying T T

코로나 끝나면 내한해라 돈쭐내줄게


Hello guys I m from Malaysia I like this song I listening to this song at quarantine day Sorry speak mistake 😅😁😆😆😄😁😆 Edit 03 04 2021

Supporting them since 2014 legends

Anyone from 2021 I love these boys so muuuch♥️

Many times watching this beginning in 2021 CALUM FIGHT ME CMON

2021 anyone 🙋‍♀️

anyone here in 2021

Cómo olvidar cuando escuchaba está joyita en telehit cada semana que tiempos

When I was 13 in the 8th grade I had to make one English homework that was practically practicing a song learn the lyrics and sang in front of the class So I and my girls chose this one Heartbreak Girls but it was SO SO SO hard for me to learn how to sing I m Brazilian and at this time my English was so poor I can t even go to school on the day of the presentation Now I know the entire lyrics and I can write a whole comment in English And I am studying English with the songs and interview videos of 5 Seconds of Summer and improve so much my language skills I just wanna share a silly story about how this song and 5SOS mark my life and I m sure that marks yours too

I love how all comments now are about Calum hates this song It s a big deal in our fandom

soy nueva pq algunxs dicen que calum odia la canción


No one Me waiting for The Heartbreak Grill to open

This is my fav song and Calum won t like it

Hello we are needing help to get drag me down to 1B views it would be very appreciated if you help

This song is the reason why i like them You will feel you re a beautiful woman and they care for you I ve never been into band so it s a materpiece

If you re still here in 2021 you re a legend

April 2021

Alguien que hable español Ahrre son los amores de mi vida y ya a y son míos ok Ok


Great Pop Rock


I wonder why Calum hates this song it s a bop

Idk why calum is saying that this is their worst song i would say who do you love or not in the same way is even more worse

Its 2021 still ❤️

Whos watching in 2021

still jammin to heartbreak girl idc how old i get this is our song

Heartbreak gi irl 💔

Faveeeeee ✨❤️

Idc i love this

This song made me a fan of them

Im new I m the fandom can y all tell me what the callum thingy involve this song

bwoah one of the best songs I ve ever heard from the band we all can relate to this song if we experienced that kind of situation

Los amo ♥

O GOD love this song sorry Calum


I love you

i love u all 3

who else is here in 2021 and watching all their old videos cause same

Currently listening to old 5sauce to feel something


2021 and still listening to this song ❤️

You belong with meh instead 💛

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