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Alexi Laiho Children Of Bodom

Alexi Laiho Children Of Bodom
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Fucking awesome as I always say

jos on maailman paras ni näyttähän se helpolta

I think I m able to I m my own now

but i ve never seen anyone play guitar half cross legged like that

3 38 that pinch harmonic is everything

His writing style is simply superior What a unique and special talent he was RIP Alexi You re a god among gods now

G G G G Godlike

Gym song

Rest In Peace Alexi

The Best gitar player in the workd RIP Aleksi Laiho

no mames estoy que no lo creo aun no sé como rayos llegó esta canción a mí hace un par de años recuerdo la canción y me pongo a escucharla el día de ayer me dió por ver los comentarios y me voy enterando que alexi falleció DEP pobre wey

RIP Alexi Because of you I’m still here after a battle with heroine 6 years ago your voice and guitar playing saved me I was so obsessed with your playing and when I learned you sung at the same time man a true hero for me was born RIP and I hope to meet you one of these sad days

Thanks to COB i began listen to melodic death metal and sinds then i felt in love with metal and hard rock in general 🤘🏿


He is Finland s national treasure


2021 is bullshit 4 days in and this legend dies

RIP Alexi 🤘🍻🥃🤘🍻🥃🤘🍻🥃🤘🍻🥃🤘🍻🥃🤘🍻😢😢

He lives through his songs and musics And that is true immortality

Bro I thought I was listening to the stereo recording without voice He s amazing

I can imagine him and Dime trading tremolo dive bombs back and fourth in the Great Beyond 🎸🤘🏻RIP

What happen for this musician

Am I Dead Yet nah Still very Much Alive yet extra Sensitivily perceptive Awesomeness

RIP man

3 years ago I saw him live he was ripping his heart out on that guitar I couldn’t imagine that a few years later he’d be gone Thank you Alexi for everything you gave for us

Aika hämmentävää hänen lahjakkuus kitaran parissa mistä se keksi eri saundeja

1K people are just assholes RIP Alexi

I would get wasted and sit outside all day and just let his music melt into my mind Always was a dream of mine to own one of his guitars but sadly i hate Floyds with a passion But finally got my Emgs i always wanted EMG can thank Alexi for that hes the one that got me into them


guitar god RIP

idc Alexi is gonna be remembered as a fantastic guitar player he was fukin good sucks that drinking would eventually take his life plus the narcotics in him it s not an OD it s his liver that gave out but having opioids in his system will make ppl think that he died from an OD

compare 1 02 with 1 04 and then compare it with 1 07 look at the whammy bar He seems to have a hole in his leg because otherwise this isn t possible or is it maybe not one take Rip Alexi

El Porta con guitarra

Still camt believe he is gone

Jesus this man was a wonderful musician I wish him and dime wrote music together

Sick bad as mo fo

Farewell caught COB in 06 in Toronto

R I P Alexi Laiho the world will never be the same


masterpiece RIP legend

RIP Alexi man I miss this guy finally got his book man not only history but Lake Bodom murder story related shit you’ll be hearing probably on each song on the album as well as the cover itself

1 30

beautiful celestially melodic with varied rhythm a true anthology of musical inventiveness


We miss you a lot man 😢 RIP

R I P Alexi Thank you for my Melodic death metal childhood I ll never forget you

Dude fuckin shreds and makes it look easy

Who will obtain the pic of destiny now

First heavy music I heard was COB He opened my mind to a insane amount of music He will be missed RIP

RIP legend You and your band always in my mind You were one of the best guitarists around the world

R I P alexi Your soul is always in everyone s heart

Hello fellow fans of Alexi It’s been almost 2 months and I’m still processing the news I made a little tribute video https youtu be AbgeEPPCf8A Would love for you to check it out Cheers

Fuck I miss this dude

Those riffs could kill anyone

RIP to the man who made me love metal

RIP Laiho w

Man I’d love to play guitar with as much power and grace as Alexi Only major flaw is I’ve never picked up a guitar What a legend this guy is

Amazing one of the best RIP

RIP Brother My journey into all things metal started with COB Thanks

Do you know hes dead yet

Rip alexi laiho Jamás Inigualable

Rest in peace

Your genius will never leave us old friend Until we meet again keep bending those strings in heaven

Rip Alexi😭😭😭

Neuvěřitelný umělec nehasnoucí hvězda metalového nebe těžká ztráta Alexi budeš nám hrozně moc chybět

Just one more time click and repeat

R I P Brother

This melody is just rising to my top metal melodies Who is this genius Alexi i woke up too late to this song writer and player luv u to heaven 😘😘😘

Класс почти мой ровесник ваша гитарная техника это Ренди Роадс только сейчас Помним и любим вас Россия

Though he has decided to leave this plane his existence in the 5th dimension drives us all to be greater Rest in Power Alexi

Watching this just blows my mind how fuckin good Alexi was A beast on the axe and a bad ass person You are missed by many R I P Alexi WildChild Laiho 😇🤘🤘🤘

Rip i also made jokes and said that you looked like a bum I am sorry alexi and i hope you can forgive me in heaven

RIP Alexi

Thank you Alexi for all the lives you ve changed for the better you will not ever be forgotten

Boring ass riffs overrated guitar player

One of the best guitar i know Max rispect for him R I P 🤘😤🤘

1 23 daron malakian says he would like his roulette riff back

Lost a good one I m surprised hes playing a STD model

No But u

он не умер он всегда с нами 🖤

Thank you mr Laiho


Love the power chords during the chorus

Still can t believe he s gone RIP

1000 people with no clue RIP Alexi True legend

The greatest Guitar Hero of my generation Thanks for everything Alexi your legacy will be forever


RIP Legend 🔥🔥🔥

Guau nada que decir mas que Gracias Alex por tu música y talento tú música era mi compañía en mis años de juventud y la de muchos jóvenes Ahora eres parte de nuestras vidas y tu música vivirá por siempre

rest in peace alexi

R I P 💔

I miss you bro

RIP this is so sad I remember watching him in middle school


¡¡Creativo y muy dinámico era este tipo ¡Una gran pérdida para el rock pesado Descansa en paz y te recordaremos gran Alexi

The clumsy tuesday extremely trouble because cone markedly overflow inside a macho typhoon unarmed adjoining stone

This sucks man I saw them supporting Megadeth in 2016 RIP

The alive smile regularly embarrass because digger extremely report barring a dead german black imminent heat

6 string That s a baby gitarr Fuck alexi Rip Not that great of a gitarrist

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