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Yorumlar ( Atomic Kitten - For Once In My Life)

June 14th 2021 Still listening to this song


الاسماك ملوك الالوان


12th june 2021

Quality please girls

I came here after listening candice accola version in the vampire diaries

talk about butchering a great song who told you ya could sing they damned well lied to you

Cool stuff

I m so glad i got to witness this era 😭

Hii back there 2021


What ever happened to these loser copycats

OMG 12 years later I just knew this song was released on my birthday

Liverpool Girls are the best

The best like The Beatles

The bangles le meilleur

Esta é a primeira vez que eu comento algo é a melhor versão ou cover desta música it s beautiful

Loving this track dates back when I was in the high school 2001


Acquafan of this great rendition of Eternal Flame by the Atomic Kittens the video is great also

Old but gold

It s honestly not bad at all but the Bangles version is still a lot better in my opinion

Verg nostalgic We are only little about 4 5yrs but always listening them Now in 2021 they still 🔥🥺🥺

love this song

Stunning all 3 of them and they can really sing this is an Amazing Cover of an Incredible song

Good looking Girls 🌹🌹🌹♥️♥️

her green eyes remind me

A nice rendition but the original is still better It s nice to see a younger generation showing some love for older music Honestly I think the original is done so perfectly that it s impossible to top it I think it shows real courage and confidence to take up treasured songs and perform them so kudos to you for doing such a great job performing this song


My dad wants me to play shit piss vomit cover song at his funeral I think I ll disobey his wishes and play the original he loved when his brain was fully functional

Nostalgie Covid 19 💗

15 5 2021

I m a heavy metal fan but totally love listening to these ladies

They are no Susanna Hoff

Timeless song


Just a beautiful version of a cover song

Susanna hoffs from the Bangles original versión

The best my time i love atomic kitten so much im 40 now good old time

This is what Douglas Ross dreams about at night 😂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤦‍♂️

Huh Not as startlingly poetically heart achingly beautiful as when Debbie Gibson originally sang it But it s a nice version and I could stand listening to it since no one is lying and saying it is the first version

the original is so much more powerful in converting the emotion but the song is just beautiful nonetheless

who s still watching 2021

Superbre onirique et mélodie 80 s qui prend aux tripes Reprise des bangles inutile moindre et navrante forcément Mais on fait l impasse quitte à ne jamais l entendre sur rfm cherie fm

Looking good Looking good

I wonder how many Auto Tune Computers were needed to polish this up

If Natasha dyed her hair dark brown she would look like Lacey Turner aka Stacey from Eastenders

💯💯💯 especial

Wow 12 years ago im watching now in 2021 and still like it 🥰


I like their other song You can fcuk my hole again LOL

2021 I still listen those sirens of love 2 52 Give me your hannnnnnnnnnnnnd


Strange dance It s like Yoga love song hip hop


💯 💯 💯 especial pra ouvir

Happy birthday Mike ❤️🌈🥂

The original Bangles version gives me a feeling of adoration and true love while this one feels like walking in an old fashioned stripper club

I listen to this while painting my Warhammer figures the Eternal Guard

Is it me or is anyone getting Shakira s underneath your clothes vibe

Lyrics thank me later Close your eyes open your eyes close again 👁️👄👁️❤️ I don t want to close open Do you understand I don t understand 😕

Any one 2021❤️

My all time favorite

Liz 😍❤️Natasha and Jenny

Summer of 2001 9 11 yet to happen and 19 years before covid and social media and smartphones are still a pipe dream Simple times Also both my parents were still alive and I was only 23 years old

It s 2021 still the best😘😍

What in the caroline forbes and matt donavan

When blonde girl get high respect from music industry

she looks like megan mckenna

funny how the ones commenting this version is shit is people around their 50s 60s

Liz 💛

Not a patch on the bangles no feeling at all Wouldn’t want to make love to this version 😉

Nice pop music

cover bullshit version

Von mir weder plus noch minus Die Mädels geben sich Mühe ohne Ende aber das Original bleibt eben das Original

Não tem emoção

Gw kira dulu ini lagu original dari mereka wkwk

that s how it had to begin and stay up and evolve from such cookie eternal place

we should have stayed from here first


Anyone can confirm this was released in 2001 I cant deal with the fact im so old

is this what i see and hear before i go to heaven or is it bright eyes by art garfunkel

close your eyes open your eyes ito talagang version naalala ko eh😂

Brasil 2021

Back in the days when I was boy wanting marry them all three😂

Vietnam 2021 I still remember and listen to this song because it s so good

The vampire diaries 💜


One of my favourite songs Played this so many times during my university time

ola jente sigab postando videos

soi fan de untedes

and over 19 years later comes the lyrics instant out me safe job xD

Twelve years sucking

I was 17 when this came out and in second year of higher education still love it now remember how alot of people still used tapes lol

Caroline Forbes got me here


Who is here from the TikTok in 2021

Frozen Madonna dance moves


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