Black Eyed Peas Where is the Love

Black Eyed Peas Black Eyed Peas The Best (2020)
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Yorumlar ( Black Eyed Peas - Where is the Love)

This song is still fresh some songs never fade away this was the time we always wish to live again No fear no problem no tension no struggle always fun enjoy money doesn t matter at that times

I m still looking if where is the love

🤦🏻‍♂️world is so stupid perfect world ruined more and more everyday where citizens don’t matter because we have to follow high tier people because their richer and have a better say

You know this is still relevant because this comment section is still active

🇮🇩 mei 2021

Vaya te mazo papa


This song is so meaningful 😍 i remember this when i was a college and i really look for the lyrics of it til i found out the meaning of it LOVE PEACE UNDERSTANDING and KINDNESS

Njir Lama bet gw kaga denger ini lagu

NECESITO UN PRESTAMO ACTIVO OK GRACIAS 😆🍆😑😑🍆🥓🙂🍍😑🚌💯🔥🔥🍁⛈️🍆⛈️🍊🚥😴🍊🚥🙂💯🍁💯

🤘old is gold

I am back after the lockdown May 2021

kanta bakit ganyan ka

grabe yung kanta na to tangina napaka ganda

Pray for Myanmar

Hope this type of songs is released in this present era

Dabest legend

I play this for my 3rd old daughter and she loves and sings to it

amazing song beautiful

Tha fact that the lyrics are very accuarate is scary

This song was released 11 years ago but still others can t find the LOVE 💔

If im in usa im gonna play this song in speaker in high volume

I thought Justin Timberlake in in this song

comin here again after watching little yedam sing this song

May 2021 everyone

May 2021

Prayers for New York rn

música maravilhosa

this has to be a classic the lyrics are so true and correct

saludes desde honduras

When a song gets realised well before its time 2021 this should of been brought out

Js boo

Mom mom mom

I can t help others because I am not qualified

I feel like is a horrible world we live in now every time you put the news on or read the papers it about another terrorist attack some one raped murdered its horrible i feel so sorry for my kids in this world now 😥😥😥😥

This song and “Clover Cage One More Try” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better We are in this together I love you 🙏🏻

He Kenyiajrking went play this song

Proud Filipino 🇵🇭 here because of Apl de ap

2021 here to listen 💖

Proud to be a filipino apple de ap represent the philippines culture using the rap song


December 2022

may 2021 anyone

Story doesn t change when fear is being utilized to divide people Politicians on both sides have been doing this for a century at this point Unity is a pipedream when the culprits are still at play

this song was made when i was born

The lyrics are so actual Now it s the time to really understand what love and life is What are you and I doing with the world in the world You always choose


what an absolute banger love this song more than pancakes

2021 llorandp y escuchando esta cancion por todas las victimas en manos de las policas muertos ppr solo alzar sus voces en las calles en verdad me duele y lloro mis condolencias a sus familiares

Esta música me llena de recuerdos 😢 la pusieron en mi promoción hace 4 años 💔 se que parecerá tonto para algunos pero duele recordar tiempos que nunca se volverán a repetir de la misma manera


The ppl who disliked this video is the reason why there isn t enough love in the world

People who dislike this video is the Terrorist 😂


Still listening 👌

I was raised we are all brother and sister we should help each other

cant believe that i hadnt known this song until 8th may thank to my english teacher 3

Still wondering where’s the love

Pray for Palestine


Show Lembro ano 2002

I want a replication of this video but BEP x DOJA CAT It would be fire

May 2021 Still a slapper

Eu amo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

April 2021


The Whole World Needs To listen to this

Jedna z nielicznych które się nie nudzą

Hahahah ask Father that will not answered forever

So revelant today

This song resonates so highly ❤️ so many reasons that the message is relatable and touches my heart 💯

how bout may 2021 anyone 😊 one of the best song of black eyed peas 💕

Someone listening to this song and never changed

ki ez a szar miért van itt

2021 people killing people dying 😍

Man 18 years on the song s message is as timely as ever


where is it im still searching

8th of March 2021 Who else

Like it forever

Really Really No Drama

No me gustan los rayados públicos mejor pintar hermosear progresar avanzar eso de rayar es moda comunista destructiva es feo de pies a cabeza

Masterpiece of a song that gets more relevant each passing day And Justin Timberlakes vocals in the chorus are hypnotic

They warned us 12 Years before Prophecy stuff

2021 🇧🇷❤️

this song is GOLD

Let s see who s with me May 2021



How is THIS SONG not a BILLION PLUS views Released in 2004 05 I guess

hey guys I m not used to do it but I don t feel like I have the choice I make music since I m a kid and just started posting my things after many years of anxiety disorders can you please check it out only one like or one view would mean so much to me thks ❤️

I m here because of my module in English and now I know why my teacher choose this one Because it s so meaningful 🇵🇭 GRADE 8 STUDENT


Where is the love 8thmay2021

Nostalgia ♥️♥️♥️


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