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  • Sanatçı: BTS
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  • Şarkı: Come Back Home
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  • Süre: 04:04
  • Format: mp3
  • Hit: 23
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20 746 179

up up up

up up up 🔥🔥🔥🔥💜💜💜💜💜

up up up 💜💜💜💜

up up up 💜💜💜💜💜

up up up 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Idk what this is but I started out listening to a country song my friend sent me and I fell asleep amd I gues it was on autopsy Because now I m here

20 741 307

I love this masterpiece for real this is gold

20 736 314

No one Literally everyone No one Youtube recommending this

wait wait wait isn t he the possessed guy in The Uncanny Counter

he can not watch that the camera focus only v

PORQUE RECIEN VEO ESTO aunque la canción si la escuchado pero el video no xd

I m a still new international Army member and I m still learning about them their music and I found this song while scrolling through you tube videos yesterday

Only I know how miserable my search history looks like when I was searching for this song

I finally found it

Jin s intro best iconic

Shout out to Seo Tae Ji

Jin s part is the best

The actor hoodie is a devil in drakor The Unncany Counter

You must come back home

Why i m crying


el hombre que aparece en este mv es el de A LA CAZA DE ESPIRITUS MALIGNOS un drama Coreano muy bueno si leen este comentario vean el drama

Such an underrated song

20 719 654


el no hace de la serie k esta en netflix v no se se me hace parecido el de la casa de espirutos el que va matando o

im just wondering what BTS S DOING IN STONE MUSIC ENT

im not a fan of bts but i just found this bts s music is so good though

2 08 reminds me of chicken noodle soup by Jhope

meu deus eu nunca tinha visto esse mv omg omg

ugh jins vocals


It s Ji Cheong Sin from Uncanny Counter Lee Hong Nae Am I right

20 713 249

I ve heard this somg last 2019 The year I become an Army but I only know the Title this 2021😂😂

Hay de por DIos me acabo de encontrar con esta joya

There are people who did not get this recommendation Then there is me who got this recommendation but ignored it cause I thought it was fake My level of stupidity is on another level sigh then again disappointed but not surprised The MV was awesome though like wow

THAT MAN IS FROM the uncanny counter I just realised that😍🤯


Superb Jin 💜 Great song

Man How I didn t know about this masterpiece 👌

5 years being an ARMY and I just discover this now I feel so betrayed

20 707 668

Girl come back home





Oh berarti gue udh hapir 4 tahun jadi army Jdi keinget dulu sering puter nih lagu

Jin had only 2line but still he nailed it🔥🔥🔥

I just realize the man in this video is the villain in The Uncanny Counter😂

Lee Hong nae from The Uncanny Counter was here all along

im sorry cause im come late


0 25 i want to make this sound into a loop it s stuck in my mind😳🥺

Im in luv with this song

Jin s voice gave me the chills

Why i didn t know this before now

مكنتش نعرف بلي هادي كاينة 😑💔

Şarkının ve klibin anlamının güzelliği


모두 집에들어가라 집떠나면 개고생

If u knew this song before bts covered it u deserve a legend award

지청신 너 너어 ㄴ ㅓ

Aun existen personas que escuchen esta joyita ♡

Me encanta esta canción pero hubiese quedado aún más perfecta si hubiese terminado como empieza con Jin cantando Vi el video original y justo termina como lo hubiese querido

Shhitttt na budol nio kami army Ah

no puedo creer que esta joya la encontre en el 2021 no puedo creer que me estaba perdiendo esta joyita lo mejor de lo mejor

Joder como me encanta esta canción

I love all of part

Me always in home 😌 Always Coronaviru look out there😏 BTS you must comeback home 😇🤪 Me okay stay home😌

Im in home😌😆

No tienen ni una canción fea estos chicos Los admiro Jin mi vocalista favorito Por más lineas cantas hermoso😍

O JIN MORREU NESSA MÚSICA NÉ Eu fico tão bravo que não valorizam o vocal perfeito do jin TODAS AS MUSICAS os principais vocalistas são Jungkook e Jimin

Kim seokjin seu vocal é perfeito

I want songs from BTS that gives the same vibes as this song

a moment of silence for those who doesn t know this masterpiece exist

Olvidaba este rolón

The man here is the devil in the uncanny counter



Suara Seokjin di Intro lagu ini bikin merinding💜💜

BTS Come back Come back 2NE1 Come back home did you come back home yeah Coronavirus I m comeback stay at home

Omg jin vocals💜🔥

Can we please appreciate Hoseok’s rap in the beginning

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