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BTS Family

BTS BTS (2018)
  • Sanatçı: BTS
  • Albüm: BTS (2018)
  • Şarkı: Family
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  • Süre: 03:36
  • Format: mp3
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Yorumlar ( BTS - Family)

I wonder how they made yoongi do that

Jungkook you so cute

at 1 37 and at 2 36 it sounds like Sowon is sayin my name which is Anaa everytime lmao i cant un hear it

yoongi suffered during this how he managed himself Such a legend

GFRIEND yerin she was enjoying this song fully in flow with music and I like it at the best things it was a family shout out the girl was taking with there parents and her parents was also laughing i like it


remember this gem

Yoongi tried to attempt suicide after this but the members stopped him

So cute 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

🤮 🌈 💜🤣

I want a 2021 update of this song hahaha

Hope BTS would react to this in one of their run BTS ep 😌😂

I m sry I don t love my biological family but I love my btsxarmy family Soo much

bts so cute

No one is gonna talk about Gfriend

Cringe but Jungkook and Gfriend sounds good

If JungKook choose JYP instead of BH he will sing songs like this 🤣

Everyone dead inside V it s my time to shine bitch 😎😏

poor agust D 😂


I m laughing so hard while looking at yoongi HAHAHA im sorry

Read the title it s just an advertisement

BTS s least viewed mv😂

this is the easiest bangtan collab dance choreography

I feel so bad for yoongi

What s it about

I read somewhere that one BTS member dated one Gfriend member but until now I do not know who she is 🤔

Yoongi assim 🙂

This is so cute like a nursery rhymes 😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍

gak ada niatan mau kolab lagi kah

BTS regrets this till today 🤣😂

J hope gangsta

I remember my kindergarten life 🤗🤗😜😜😻😎💘😭😂😂🤣😅😆😆😸🙉

Aaaa cute😘😚😍❤

NO buddy here ok im the only one

This is cute

tiny BTS is so cute nd tae enjoying every smallest thing in life makes me feel so happy he is so different nd thats y im madly in love with him taeeee


Bts x protocol team Ad of the century 🏏😂

Yerin eunha tae are the only one enjoying lol

Hey when they became kindergarten kids

V is only one enjoying 😂

V so cute

sinb regretting her whole life decisions

Sinb is dead inside

Bts spring day and Gfriend Time for the moon night mv 👇 https youtu be g3QHvWEe3jY

v looks so cute in this i love him he looks so happy

come here because of hybe

i am feeling so much secondhand embarrassment right now 😂

it’s so crazy to see this after a while and remember that gfriend’s management company is now a subsidiary of bighit

I love you bts sayang

ganteng banget asyik

😡🤬😤😡🤬😤😡🤬😤😡🤬😤😡🤬😤😡🤬😤😡🤬😤😡🤬😤😡🤬😤😡🤬😤🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍 bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla😒😤😒😤😒😤😒😤😒😤😒😤😒😤😒😤😒😤😒😤😶😑😐



Hey why not Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday😅🤣💘😜😆🤗😚

I can t understand why is everyone saying they are in pain 😅


so ungly song

Now they are under one family 💜💛

I cried the fact that almost nobody talks about gfriend 😔


Imagine if they’re going to remake this 33

They re friendship got ruin because of imature fans

I m very jealous 😏😏

As you see It s a preview to big hit labels Bang PD Nim was always looking for Gfriend and he get it

What is this actually did they collab for this song

who is here in 2021 😌 👇

Imagine BTS scrolling through their YouTube randomly and suddenly this video popped up and they accidentally clicked on it And 👁👄👁 who are they I don t even know them👀

웬즈데이 이즈 웬수데이 수요팅

Let s pray for bts except Tae because he is enjoying 😂💜

Jin is so cute here

4 years later i still find this funny and cute

Gosh this is like dragging ur kids to participate in something

Yoongi what did I do to get this


2021 Any


tae is the only one enjoying it

When I see BTS with girl s 🙄 When I see it s edited😁

Anyone here 👀

it s wednesday

You can see yoongi s soul leaving his body

Join a band they said Be the leader they said You re gonna be a badass rapper they said

Yoongi is like Hip hop is dead my life is finished kill me now please

Hip hop is dead

Join a band they said be the rapper they said

I give 👍only for bts 💜 💜

Yoongi outside trying his best not to be shy Yoongi inside I m ready to die and become a rock in my next life

Fun fact this was produced by SUGA 😂

tell me why when i saw yoongi at 2 25 and imagined a kitten flying what is rong with me today omgawd man no

I’ve been scrolling down the comments and I can see that armys are so cringed that BTS did a cute concept 😂😂😂 Also where are my buddy’s at I’ve only saw two or five comments about Gfriend in here☹️💖

YAH Bighit how much did you pay on Yoongi😂😂

صارلي 5 دقايق من عرفت بهذا التعاون 🙂💔

Now they are part somehow of the big hit family ❤️Stan BH

We need a remake of this song Big Hit Labels style Throw in everybody Let the cringe BEGIN

Sorry BTS i m laughhhhh But still 2 24 cute suga

what r they saying in the beginning of the video Help meh cuz im not korean 😭

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