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BTS We Are Bulletproof

BTS BTS (2018)
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  • Albüm: BTS (2018)
  • Şarkı: We Are Bulletproof
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ഞങ്ങൾ ബുള്ളറ്റ് പ്രൂഫ് ആണ്

Justice for Myanmar 93

Love yourself Relay3231


Army ayúdenme a difundir esto Los chicos en varias entrevistas dijeron que su primera canción No More Dream no la consideraban un hit ayudemos a qué esta canción llegue a los 300M antes de la fecha de su debut Por favor difundan

Bulletproof was my first Bts song that I listened back when i was in school Now i am in college I miss their old songs Nowadays bts songs are so westernized I loved their old songs 😭😍😍But I’ll Still support them with my full heart ❤️

I m here ♡

Peace in Myanmar 85

Love yourself Relay3225

Love you bts

I’m not afraid of guns because ARMY is the shield We Are Bulletproof 😺 Jeon Jungkook

It s not on my fyp I searched it ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

Cute 3

RaxnnhjmKLLhdjko057dcvzzxcvbnm 123456790hjhfouffrgivfu jvnvmnxvcjdbdhgayui78ehwhshxbzxbzjwlddkfkkfjdkjfjfjfnxndxjdjcxjc jjcjcfjfjfjfjfujritithgugugugugjfififiirj

Bem gay

Hoje vocês fazem história

Its amazing how they went from this to where they are now All of the music amazing past or new And they are so kind ARMYS including me are so proud of BTS We love you bangtan

Jin s voice oh god

2021 hand up

Justice for Myanmar 79

I just showed my grandma this now she s a rapper and a dancer


BTS los amo son mega guapos quisiera conocerlos vvv

Не смотрите так на меня

plz tell me i am not the only one watching in 2021 March and drooling over jimin s biceps and STILL appreaciating their beauties and thanking god they didn t disband and screaming out every lyrics

Oooh 😲😲😲😲👍👍👍💎💎

Najoonie is the most talented person I have ever seen in my life Such an amazing rapper such an amazing leader such an amazing lyricist such an amazing dancer a person with the cutest dimpled smile a person who respects other a lot a person who loves members so much a person who is perfect So y ll love namjoonie

I love how they are trying to be bad boys XD

R3 28 BTS We are Bulletproof Pt 2

Love yourself Relay3217

Justice for Myanmar 75

Their outfits are so cringe but it definitely takes me back to 2013 😭

Fun fact After 7 years the comments section is always active

borahae BTS congratulations BTSARMY for loving this amazing people about 8 years now

🤗🤗🤗jungkook 😍😘😘😘

My fav one SWAG

Where s pt 1 tho

The difference of them then vs now is so staggering

Cool 💜

y es aquí donde caigo a sus pies literalmente 🤫🤭

Que buena canción 😁

Peace in Myanmar 69


one day BTS will disband they will go their own separate way One day you will remember 7 dorky boys helping you with your life and when you had hard times Imagine them having their last hug as a group on camera Their last comeback mv last album last concert Imagine them singing their last encore song We are Bulletproof and then namjoon saying Thank you army we did it then them disbanding and leaving the stage All army s would be screaming and telling them to come back But then years later you hear a bts song and you suddenly remember all the memories that you had of them The 7 dorky boys

Omg I m so appy again seeing this


Te amo “ we are the bulletproof pt2 “ pinshiii canción espectacular 💜🙏

How Jin says everywhere I go everything I do is just sooooooo LeJINdary

“Everywhere i go everything I do” Jin

Who misses joon dancing up front

Yall saying jin being a badass and me just seeing a guy having a mohawk with 14 broken sunglasses is not true take it as a joke and lost 33 airpods and now that’s true

Jimin wearing tank tops to be tough the backwards cap and the chains Mochi wears T shirts to not let ARMYs dead the fluffy blonde hair and being a cute lil baby

RM we are bullet proof Me he ain’t lying

We were bulletproof we are bulletproof we will be bulletproof forever

Justice for Myanmar 63

R3 27 BTS We are Bulletproof Pt 2

The best

Night changes💜

춤이랑 노래 진짜잘한다

Love yourself Relay3212




They look like gangsters But army like these type of gangsters ❤️

Hey i am here again

Peace in Myanmar 57

Love yourself Relay3206

I m here to hear all song of BTS from debut song until new song now

the way they ate down at the end and people still weren t rocking with them during debut

cry haters

Acá en pleno 2021 escuchando este temazo 😫✋🏻tan grandes

They were such baddie with cute faces back then and look at em now finally resulting 🖤💫taehyungs voice damn haha



Bang bang




ATTENTION ARMIES so here s the thing Our 8th anniversary goal is to make no more dream hit 1B I know it sounds difficult but we have to do it BTS always thought that their debut was not good enough and didn t want to look back at it If we army s hit it to 1B they will realise they were kings before and now too Lets make their debut mv t lets do it army s I know if we work together we can Share this as much as you can on every platform and in other languages too so that we all can work together on this Please spread this message on every BTS related video to spread the message

han crecido tanto no estoy llorando tu estas llorando

Who is still listening this song

Armys announcement i wish every army reads this i want yall to stream each and every song of bts in order to honour them for their hard work n they deserve it so if yall seeing this n if ur a true army plss stream very master peices of bts love frm army💜

ustedes son increíbles

R3 26 BTS We are Bulletproof Pt 2

We go Hard to the COFFEE HOUSE

Yo I want such powerful mv back 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔

I took 1 in the half year to find this song

Justice for Myanmar 51

Love yourself Relay3200



Как время летит Вот детки Вот парни А вот мужчины Куда плакать куда радоваться

Yea we still here we never left

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