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Cam 	The Otherside (2020)
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Yorumlar ( Cam - The Otherside)

Seen her live in Detroit a few years ago with I can t remember She is amazing Kinda like Chris Daughtry They don t get what they truly deserve

Just beautiful sweetie

Tim Avicii Bergling made this song I bet he was listening to this FIRST https www youtube com watch v GmZg7tvGN9o t 0s LEGEND AVICII 3

Rip Tim

кам кам кам

Absolutely love this Cam you are great and Rock big time



Can t get enough of this song Or the album Incredible Cam s record introduced me to Avicii 💙

this song so hits home and the words that she sings are right on i love this song so much

Who are those thumbs down people

great song cam love the album big fan hope to see u back in ireland soon

Nice to hear again ♥ Maybe will be released soon just like avicii versions

This performance in UNREAL

An exceptionally stunning and amazing artist I’ve seen Cam live and wow 🌹

You never tried anything you only thought of yourself and what you wanted and what you didn’t want you never bother talking to anybody trying to be your friend anybody you never tried anything you were in your own dark place and you took it out on everyone and everything about you around you so don’t give me that shit except your own responsibility for your own part on up to some shit in your life get out of virtual reality and live in a little bit of reality

Cruelty is never good and you learned it from yourself you were that way you were the one that shut me out you were the one that left I did nothing to you I might’ve had a few outburst but that’s it nothing to leave for and you didn’t even bother talking to me about it you just fucking left so don’t play that shit to me like it’s my fault it’s your fault it’s all your fault well maybe not all your fault but mostly your fault you left me for another man and you know it


loveeeeeee cam×Avicii 😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰❤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

RIP Avicii

Wonderful performance this song is so amazing 💙

We don t deserve Cam Unbelievable 👏🌟

She’s amazing

Amazing wonderful performance ❤️

Another great song by you Cam love your voice

I am smitten with the ‘ALL’ of this

Seeing this performance made my smile

Avicii Reddit say hey

Great song I love your music

Avicii 😕🔥🔥



I m a huge fan of both you and Avicii ☺️ Great performance

Huge fan

You’re amazing Cam The album is as well Please keep promoting it

Women is a queen

Finally a video for this amazing song

This is soooo GOOD

❤ the other side

Stunning Cam serving us some grade A art She is the best thing to happen to country music in our generation its a shame it isn t they don t see it

Happy 2021 and God Bless you sunshine


Your voice the performance the musical arrangement everything works PERFECT CONGRATS

Insane Please say you recorded more this day

Every song you write is better than the last one Magnificent

This song has big scorpio vibes🔥

AHHHH one of my fav songs by you cam

Nice Song 🤗 but RIP Avicii 😔🖤

I absolutely love this song with your stunningly gorgeous voice Thanks CAM for this wonderful song

THIS IS BEAUTIFUL One of my favorite songs by youuuu



This is one of my fav songs

Sounds great 💞

You sound SO good Cam


💗my💗 favorite💗song💗 I💗 love💗u💗

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