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Cam What Goodbye Means

Cam 	The Otherside (2020)
  • Sanatçı: Cam
  • Albüm: The Otherside (2020)
  • Şarkı: What Goodbye Means
  • Boyut: 3.13 Mb
  • Süre: 03:22
  • Format: mp3
  • Hit: 1
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Yorumlar ( Cam - What Goodbye Means)

Absolutely beautiful voice love it Wow

yeah i got some serious ABBA vibes too but with a fresh edgy twist Well done Cam

Beautiful beautiful voice heartbreaking song I love it

Her voice is strong and powerful

Dear Cam always i say that u deserve the best thing God has created just know that i m one of ur the biggest fan from Iran ❤️

I saw her perform this debut at the Grand Old Opry in November of 2020 such a powerful song and she slayed And if yall didnt know it s about one of her friends who s going through a divorce

this is so heartbreaking omg who did this to her

Drop the the beat over your vocals its drowning you out But acoustic would be a killer ❤

I love this I needed to let go a friend His faith couldn t let us be friends It s so heartbreaking because this whole things just doesn t make sense We believe in the same God but we can t be friend that s a freakin joke

Waited years for cam to come out with something and this song is everything It s the theme song for my life right now

I heard Cam sing this at The Grand Ol Opry on Circle tv IMHO She rocked the house You have a new fan here

Voice music lyrics vibe this whole album is lit💥

Just saw you on the Opry singing this song and your explanation of it I am going through the same as your friend and dealing with it the same way

Comme d habitude Cam de belles chansons a textes et une voix sublime 🤗

Thank you Harry Styles for showing me this artist In love with your voice

what a fricken voice

🥺😩💔🔁 Amazing Cam 💛

The chorus is SO ABBA and I am HERE for it

Awesome somg from a great singer❤❤

This and Happier for You are the standouts



This is the right example of an underrated singer love the beat lyrics and your voice This definitely deserves more recognition 👏🏽💗

I love it and you have a lovely voice 💘

Oh wow

gracias a Harry Styles descubrí a esta talentosa artista


She’s soooo under rated I swear

I can t listen and not cry 😥😢💔💔

Marshmello needs his queen

OMG this song is a breath of air in a smothering world I can every emotion Absolutely great song Keep on keeping on

Oh man so beautiful


I love your musics so much ❤

I don t know why but it gives me a Mamma Mia feel

I don’t know why but there’s an abba feeling to it Such a beautiful and honest album


This one is so different and so beautiful

Girrrrllll this is good

No se inglés Pero igual me gusta Amooo tus canciónes tienes una fan más sigue así no creó que leas mi comentario pero igual 3

Your voice is beautiful and the lyrics are so good✌


This one hurts Again amazing lyric

This song hits different i love it

The lyrics are so honest 🤍

esta cancion me pone tan soft la amo

“Was it something I did was it something I didn’t do” hits every time

Cause I know what goodbye means

I love that your songs reach right into our lives with such relatable memories 👍

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