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Cardi B feat G-Eazy-No Limit (Remix)

Cardi B Bodak Yellow (2017)
  • Sanatçı: Cardi B
  • Albüm: Bodak Yellow (2017)
  • Şarkı: feat G-Eazy-No Limit (Remix)
  • Boyut: 6.11 Mb
  • Süre: 06:35
  • Format: mp3
  • Hit: 14
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Yorumlar ( Cardi B - feat G-Eazy-No Limit (Remix))

The whole song is not bad but Cardi made better sry

Fall asleep culture even the video uses hypnotherapy tactics Great for the sheep Sheep in love with this low IQ low vibe low awareness bs

Cardio B Awesome

Crazy song But I love it Some bad words But like beat He s gooood

20 years from now this will be apart of cancel culture

Inas speadfight

Project pat said fuck a bitch jelly


I apoligize to all those 19k dislikes those were from my neighbors and my mom they didnt approve of this song and they absolutely didnt approve of all the asses and the money I am so sorry

You are not Eminem and Mac Miller lol much love dope song my nigga 😂😂❤️

What sneakers tht g eazy wore

Man I just can t take G eazy seriously 😂😂 The only white rappers I ever took seriously was 3rd Bass and Eminem



I think the first time I seen a bunch of girls Twerking was the thong song I don’t think it’s stopped ever since what a wonderful world we live in 😁 And oh can’t forget about yoga pants

5 men and Cardi still had the best verse She really


Belly can actually rap which suprised me because this was the first time i heard him god this barely even qualifies to be called a verse

Hannah Montana


Belly with shortest but hard asf verse

Awesome kick ass song

I think we can all agree we would’ve been fine if it was just juicy j along w the original

Cardi b Nicki Minaj Meghan these three bitches have the power to shut up the so called f king industry

Boht Hard😀🔥🔥🔥🔥

2021n still here🙌🤘


G Eazey Should make a remix of this track with Eminem in it It would be dope


Ew wait what

What the hell 😁

Stop putting it up your azs

Filter IG ey ey ey 👍from Indonesia 🇮🇩

Jam remind me of Mesa AZ

The money waisted for this video could ve fed a lot of kids

G eazy 😘

Ew g eazy ew

Masterminds got To many Desinerr legacy keep In the Safey

Are they really burning money

Montanas verse gave me a seizure

3 years old hows vibing now in 2021

It Ain t the Case Abc Alphet alpha College Or Grown with the Sexy folk Who want Slices

Juicy J is the line 😎

1 49

Opposite Sunb Sub Woofer I m Wind in the Beach tanning Make Case lace the Race Volume Of Trend s kraft Laughter Holly night I m Dunkin This With the Movement Used Abused Then I m As if I Got Fucking Good morning I m Lobinbg when I m Safe Get the Bag Get the Digits And Take all the Gems From Decide Decorated I m so Faded Gate After Glass kissing Every in Passing By the Speed in Lighting it zip Up ASCAP award Winking Grammy Osxsie to

Whoever the dude is with the bun in the last verse that f was awesome

A AP is the most musically relevant part of this video Specifically the note ascent of his second pattern stands out as real rap

Belly s verse tho

Cardi 🥰

2 30😂😂

In a relationship w G Eazy 😁

I would eat cardiB like offset never could

Awesome are you guys doing good you guys are my favorite

Roll with it

3 28 2021 😁

So this loud mouth lil one is out now Poking away Jan Jab jab 🥴

g eazy looks like joker without mask

G Eazy fine as Hell

this song is weed

Asap Rocky just hops on one song then looks pretty the rest of the years

Only one who is best in this song is Asap Rocky and Juicy j Because G eazy Cardi b French Montana Belly was not rapping Like real rappers

I m still tryna find the exact song on Spotify without success


All adds makers to die instantly

Why that montana is there 😂

This song Is really nice But some of the parts ummm I need some holy water Anyone want some

Asap is so good on this track and cardi b as always killin it

Lil Pump Zobra ft Lil Peep Camila Cabello Cardi B


Juicy J is killing it 💣

Wouldve been better if the remix only includes juicy j leave the belly dude and french montana they ruined the song

G Eazy Cardi Juicy J 🔥🔥

Just realised how similar this song is to Up 😮

Wwwssss Sea

feminism gender equality have left the chat

I don’t even know who g easy is and he got 7 mil subs 💀

Juicy j was just like 4 45 vakapa kapa kama kemna imma limama ahhhh

Disque quemandome los billetes

русские тут

This song feels one hour long

It is so un feministic of me to love this song

This song making me like bad guys

The version with no cardi b is 1000000x better

cardi b killed it

this is like 8 songs in one LOVE EET

Plain jane and this song beat 11 12 ambil tiru modifikasi

Style flow vibe exactly copied from nicki and ferg in plain jane

Cardi hitting hard


asap rocky is gangsta

Juicy and Cardi verse was slammin hard on the subs mids and highs luv it

Best shit out you guys killed that I loved cardi with the cash sene bad ass ✌💕

You know when your part in a song is slamming when cats be creating group Dance videos to it Cardi 🔥

Damn cardi b really rap better French Montana

Lets find out

This will always go hard

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