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Cardi B Wap (feat Megan Thee Stallion)

Cardi B Be Careful (2018)
  • Sanatçı: Cardi B
  • Albüm: Be Careful (2018)
  • Şarkı: Wap (feat Megan Thee Stallion)
  • Boyut: 3.87 Mb
  • Süre: 04:11
  • Format: mp3
  • Hit: 92
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Yorumlar ( Cardi B - Wap (feat Megan Thee Stallion))


its unbelievable that nowaday s popular songs are like this I cant believe that this is pop culture of 21 century Tottal decay of culture and music

I can hear Kris in the background You re doing amazing sweetie Lol

it s hell


오오오우 쒯뜨 ㅋㅋㅋㄲㄱㅋㅋㅋㅋ

This video is for boys

Well it is what is

1801 Beethoven creates Moonlight Sonata a timeless musical classic 2021 Cardi B dresses like a flamingo and brags about her moist g nitals Oh how far we ve come

Shittiest thing I ve heard in my lifetime

Where the hate comments her like they are on call me bt your name

Just a question What’s the message here

Here again cause of kylie

very nice

L T he

Was listening to X then this shit came on

L The

I cannot even begin to express how fucking degenerate this song is

I CaNt BeLiEvE yOu LeT cHiLdReN lIsTeN tO tHiS

I love the fact this is the role moddle for 10 year old girls 😂💀

What has ‘music’ become Cardi B sounds so bad like I’m not talking about her language or anything I mean this ‘music’ sounds so bad like it actually sounds so bad honestly how can people enjoy or think of ‘songs’ like this as ‘music’


Her songs are meaningless

Worst singer i can t even say her singer 🤮🤮🤮🤮

It my fault for ask what are my friend singing and she is singing wap so i just shearch and 🔥

possibly worst song ever made

I showed this to my girlfriend now she is successor of mia khalifa 😂😂

Cardi B I don t cook I dont clean Nikki Minag Yes I do the cooking yes I do the cleaning

wap is 선넘음


omg please stop

Карди Би посмотри клип факт 😅


Imagine when cardio b daughter knowing this

Waffles and pancakes right

Ha ha ha

This video should be age restricted

hi cardi B cool

I would like to make that waterfall in my home😁

If it were a guy doin this people would have enjoyed it

2 05

Parents your children are listening to this sick shit

Música educativa né 🙄 🛐🛐🛐🛐

3 54 Rosalía

Serified freak seven days a week wet a gushy make my deals trips neat Mrs frizzle 2020

I was here just to see kylie ❤

If you re a kid watching this just know older people feel bad for you

Lol I love megah part sm

Is this not age restricted k

where v buck

Who wrote this piggish lyrics She doesn’t seem to have respect for herself or other women You can love sex and not call yourself a whore One big huge step backwards for women thanks CB

They be exposing our women s private parts

Why is this in the hip hop essentials playlist

Cardi Queen

At first I wrote well done 👏 Actually it was Outstanding My Sisters did their thing I loved the performance REMEMBER THAT S WHAT IT IS

Well done

Who’s here from Twoset


sikieramecreciranlaschichiskonestevideomusicaltansubliminal v

Good 😊🙂😊

Shame on all of us

I weep for the future LOL

I wanna here Trump singing this and I wanan here Mickey Mouse singing this

Came here after watching the new lnx video to get cleansed don t mind me

Les recomiendo no buscar la traduccion

is this orochimaru s hideout from naruto O O

Ako lang ata pinoy dito

So i pranked my friend I told him there s a wh re in the house and he called 911 😃

I had or bitterly watch this video like mostly silent

The lyric feel cleaner

last line lyrics macaroni in a pot thats some wap its from the vine thats what a good p y sounds like LOL

This is what everyone is dying about


That slol

Me listening to wap Mom what are you doing Me nothing changes fast

Ela é poderosa

I have a nice wap


What the Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf did I just watch

380M 💜


the part where megan is choking cardi conserns me

“I don’t cook I don’t clean but let me tell you how I got this ring” 😂😂😂🤘🏼

Wow hip hop is trash now 🤦🏻‍♂️

Kulture gonna be so proud

when will this chick see nobody would even know who megan is or payed no mind to if it wasn t for Cardi and that includes Nicki

3 35 who s that lady mrr

쎈 언니들 💖💖

Why did she make this clean After the video was released with the original track and everything

And tell me how this passed the YouTube filters



Yet we cancel dr Seuss and mr potato head What’s wrong with this world

Imagine this being the first thing aliens see about humans

Them there some hoes in this house there hoes in this house Me there some holes in this house there some holes in this house

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