Clairo Impossible

Clairo  Immunity (2019)
  • Sanatçı: Clairo
  • Albüm: Immunity (2019)
  • Şarkı: Impossible
  • Boyut: 3.57 Mb
  • Süre: 03:51
  • Format: mp3
  • Hit: 2
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Yorumlar ( Clairo - Impossible)

i told the stars about you d j

i love how each song on this album is so chill and it brings such 90’s vibes

Her live versions are so much better the over dub vocals lose the soothingness of her voice Hope she drops a live album

Such a banger

Sofia AND impossible are The Best

this is my fav clairo song and I’m dancing like a maniac

i don t like

know that it s right to listen to my breathing and start believing myself


podría escuchar esta canción todo el día todos los días desde este momento lob it

this is the best song on the album idc what anyone has to say

ur song is so pleasing on shrroms i feel so lioved and awesomemazing THANKS alot clario sweeie

I cried to this song too many times


Protect her

the intro sounds so alike of Amy Winehouse s You Know Im No Good

Clairo love your songs ✨🌻🧃

I got this song when I took the which Clairo song are you quiz

Y’all hear the drums in this song 👂 That’s Danielle Haim from HAIM the band 🥰

Im surprised how this ONLY has 140 dislikes

I remember going on summer vacation while listening to this album to clairo for the first time I remember that the sun was very very bright and I was looking at some trees from my car window Everything was calm quite good Now everytime I listen to Clairo I feel the same emotions I feel calm happy thank u 3

ayo uhh this sound like one republic good life my guy


Why didn t you make music videos And Why tf are major labels sleeping on you You should have been sign already

Yo la conocí porque me gustaba escuchar músicas aleatorias en inglés y puff me salió una de sus canciones 😎👌🏻❤️

Impossible انك تحبيني مرا ثانيه

Currently crying to this song 😁👍

2 55 why did it sound like some prepubescent dude 😳 Lol i like the song no hate okay

É impossível mesmo

Acabo de conocer a clairo y ya me gusta mucho su musica 👌🏻

SOMEONE PLEASE MASH THIS UP WITH WATERMELON SUGAR edit THERE BOTH IN THE KEY OF C ws is a little slower sitting at 95 BPM and impossible is sitting at 100 BPM

Packet my and got ready to move with this album

Te amo carajo nada es impossible 💕

Hommies can’t know I’m here



love your music

I hear she s an inconsiderate and heartless b to her fans

I d only want one more night with my ex to this song Which ex is the question

Sounds like the excellent Clairo might have been getting influences from the really ace band called Tennis similar lilting style

I love your songs I love all

Pinapakinggan ko to habang nag tatahi ng damit 3

Puro vato loco

this is so good

I love this sm

good shit

This song is a big ole chef s KISS

Time to book her tour 🤠


Wow I love her voice and she is so talented girl ✨💛

this beat really sounding like the political compass rap

beautiful ❤

bruh this is u n d e r r a t e d

why isnt this song like really popular

i love you clairo

clairo ist a breofol grill

guys i disliked the vid so i can be one of 90 people and no other reason and i liked my own comment

daft punk sample


89 dislikes is from Sofia and her friends

😭I love her

i can t stop listening to this😭😭😭

it s the 2 54 for me

Her song give heavenly vibes 🤍

Good song i love it

1 20 just saving my fav thing ever🥺

0 00 red hot chili peppers Dani California


Clairo is getting me through this summer I listen to her everyday 3


This part 0 34 sound like orochimaru s theme lol

such a banger

check out my karaoke for this song

So relatable so beautiful

on clairos videos shouldnt exist dislike

I know that this has nothing to do with this but for some reason This reminds me of a friendship I lost last year and all because of a misunderstanding that we never got to talk about I miss her so much she probably thinks the worst of me and I choose to hold with me the good moments

the final of this song make me happy idk why is so relaxing pd i love the song 3333

Damm it Sofia

when was the last time i saw your face know it like the back of my hand id say


You can feel Danielle and Rostam from beginning to end in this one

0 00 Amy Winehouse

gets KFC ad Me a Moonwalker interesting

I fuckin love the Harpsichord that sounds in the background


and i know that it s time to forget how im feeling dont want to give in but i know know that its right to listen to my breathin and start believing myself HITTING DIFFERENT

thank you for existing mf song has me in my feels man

Me acadently dislike video Clairo fan all 425 of them I will hang this man Me yo my finger just happened to hit the like button you fucking psycho s

иа8втй хэщэфвможвпэ

0 33 tame impala vibes ngl

this is the Powerpuff Girls intro right Clairo


First song I ever heard by her I absolutely loved Her whole discography is amazing but there’s something so special about this song My favorite track of hers

lol I clean my room to this album

I heard this song surprisingly on spotify and fell in love with it at the first time Now after a few days I ve recognized the fact Rostam produced it Vampire Weekend is my favourite band This song has very strong Modern Vampires Of The Weekend vibes Clairos voice is so beautiful and fits perfectly with his style Magical 🌌

Te amo Clairo

Pretty good this I d recommend it to fans of Anna Burch Soccer Mommy and Australian singer Hatchie

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