Clairo Sinking

Clairo  Immunity (2019)
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Yorumlar ( Clairo - Sinking)



I came bc taemin recommended

her best song imo

Loving this song I m always listening to it

Clairo has an old soul

temon claire te amo

I m here because Taemin recommended this song and I have no regrets it s great

She did not need to snap like this holy fuck

fav on the album

I love it here


12k 👍 50👎 0

why is this song so underrated istg it s my favorite

A simple life Not with strive Not with pain Certainly not in vain With peace and song To guide us along

honey your soul is golden

Listened to this after watching ladybird that s mad

Clairo x Joji

Does anyone know what her tattoo mean


This is a masterpiece

my fav idc

this song is exactly how i feel for him

This needs more views

love all your music Clairo

those background vocals tho 🥲

Clairo be secretly making people listen to soft RnB I can sleep to this music The best songs are the ones u can forget because u want to listen to them again🌝 Imma listen to this again now

RIP clairo

It s a shame that people give fame to songs in which they only insult and treat a woman as a sexual object and do not give good music the recognition it deserves singers like Clairo This album is amazing


the song I ve been playing everytime im in bed at night thinking my thoughts deeply

i am inlove

this song is like when the person you love the most tries to help you through something and you try to reach out but you can’t because you don’t want to lose them

I Love thats voice

One of her best songs honestly


here because the girl i like said this was her favorite song

why is this song so underrated

the vibes are real

Can anyone tell me what style of music that is

This is song is so underrated

Just beautiful

i love clairo

im truly in love w clairo s music style it s so beautiful

Eargasm Best song on the album

ghad this could fit so good in ariana s voice


I remember a week or so ago I was feeling depressed and I was not really sure why Nothing in my life was going well because of my social anxiety The only thing I knew was that this song which couldn’t leave my head at the time was the key to understanding and it was All of it was my doing unfortunately but seriously thank you Clairo for writing about feelings and emotions that were too abstract to form in my head I appreciate and love you

beautiful 💖

this is a vibe

29 year weird geek nerd sad boy へ •́ ‸ •̀ ʋ

Ariana Grande vibes🧚‍♀️

the Frank Ocean vibes in this song are immaculate

the best

Yeah I love clairo this song sm

most underrated song on immunity i think

this songs makes me want to slow dance with my non existent lover on the roof gods I m lonely


gonna listen to this every christmas and new year night

bruhhhh what are the chords to this song

This song brought back so many memories

Can we also appreciate how dreamy the backing vocals are

You will never hear the word TENDERLY sung so tenderly until you ve heard this song

I remember listening to this everyday a few months ago when I was really going through some shit Now I can’t really listen to it without remembering that time

Go text your ex if you miss him 🥺💔

i wanna fall in love to this song

I really love this song and really love u Clairo 3


I love you

this song is just whew

Bruh I was thinking of this exact song I press shuffle and it s the first song

Im straight im straight im straight im straight

I m still here just listening to this amazing songs in quarintine

If billie and clairo dont collab 😭😭

where is stranger love

Best song on the album 🙌🏽

Don’t you wait for something wronggg I’ll still be sinking to the thought ik this is wrong lyrics but idc

This song give me old R B vibes

you re doing good

Reminds me of my crush

im suddenly questioning if im bi shit

this feels like christmas fuck definitely heavily jazz influenced


I don t think people understand and appreciate how deep meaningful and beautiful this song actually is


when she sings “tenderly”

girl in red clairo would be great

My favorite from the album

I found this channel two month ago and i love it the song is beautifull

I m betting on you

Bem legal

Clairo is such a mood

bit lovely

Woww 💯💓💓💓😳🍰i wanna text my ex wait no I don t wait omg I gotta turn this shit off but i cant HELPPPP WTF💯😂😂😂

I like this trip hop feeling 👌

one of the many things i like about immunity is that she takes traditional bass lines and rhythm patterns that might be called boring and just adds layers to make it the perfect balance of simple and complex for my taste

i think i ve never felt like this before with this type of music

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