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Yorumlar ( David Guetta - feat Sia-Titanium)

who in 2021 with me oh no one i can just enjoy myself

Qui est ici à cause de big brother célébrités 🤣

this is amazing

What s the movie s name

Timeless Thank you


q musica ruin

I heard She dead 😣😣😓😭


26 03 2021

Best song forever🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Adoro essa musica 26 03 2021

Lagunya enak banget anjing

Who else still listening to this😭❤

For some reason I decided I wanted to listen to this again and I think it has been 7 years ever since Oh boy it was literally just a nanosecond into the song and the nostalgia started to floood in Gosh this song never gets old✨

Don’t get the video Does he have special powers The 2 fat women running were hilarious 😆

I thought Anna Kendrick sang this hehehe I m so ignorant


Still one of my favourite songs and vocal deliveries


I know this Video by the Advertisement of Close Up

2021 🔥

6 9 million likes Niiice

Who here remembers the minecraft atlanteans parody of this

afrojack produjo esta maravilla

To the Random person who clicks accidentally this song Congratulations you found a code of happiness

God AND awesome song D Saludos aquellos mís compatriotas peruanos

You know in this video the kid is the same kid who was in the movie Goosebumps with Jack Black You shoot me down but I won t fall I m titanium love this verse

wait this was 9 years ago 😦 I was 10 and now I am 20

Who are in vidio

10 years alter wow

Como se llama la pelicula

Occurrence was misspelled on the TV

David Guetta rocks

is that Ryan Lee

I am crainium

What is that movie name plz

I love this song

Nostalgia 😻 💟 sweet child o mine

My favorite song

Que recuerdos

عندما يُطيحُ بنا الصمتْ ،لا يوجد غيرَ القلمْ يُساعدُنا على الوقوف

Lets go Richardson

fine as hell good looks and coloful clogthing

Vibe 2033

Great song

who miss the old days

2011 Sia I am titanium 2021 Corona İ am coranium 😄

Where s david Quetta This is a Sia s song

Both are my Childhood ❤

Honestly i feel sad for being a gen z born 2006 and missing these legendary music at their prime🥺😔

The empty justice cytologically rub because bubble expectedly stare concerning a obsolete tablecloth snotty colossal newsstand

After 10 years this is still the best The BEST 10 years old song When I first listened to this I didn t even notice that this song is that old It sounds like brand new just got out of the oven hot and sweet The animation the tone everything is AMAZING Thank you


Mavko fennt szovbavabkek részek det danx suliba vagy ora asz

Biciklis arc 19 101234456666788990

So me down


Sinma asc csak a al hm orr

If your here after 8 years in 2021 stfu please no one cares

Alguém 2020

David Guetta


Ugh i love this song 😭❤️

Plot twist Everyone reads plot twists and you re no exception

Sunset of dopa

Comes here daily

One my most favorite song

If you re watching in 2021 you re a LEGEND 🖤🖤🖤

specjalnie śpiewam dla Polski Szumi dom barany 2 pamiętaj ty i ja szumi dom barany dwa pamiętaj ty i ja nie ma za co xd

This song helped me get myself together through those rough teenage years and not once Many times

Le clip a été tourné au Québec Si vous remarquez c est écrit en français comme les portes de l école et les arrêts etc

So this why I heard this 2014 or 2015 this is 9 yrs ago I was about 5 when I hear this song I use to not know the tittle I love this song

Essa musica ai é de formatura kkkk so os BR vai entender

Where’s the kid that did this video at right now

Who is Watching In Ending March 2021 Hit a Like And we will Seee Those Legenda Who Still Love this Song 💛💚❤💜

I can relate to this its me

Still as chilling as the my first time


Pessoas hj em dia no youtube 2021 alguém 😂😂😂😂😂

6 9 million likes

all the good vids 😭💯😎what


2021 Check D

Fun fact This was meant for Alicia Keys but David Guetta used Sia’s vocals without her permission And look how that turned out

what song

theres no way this was ten years ago No

España 2010 ❤️😈😈🥺

4 03 is that the Tom Petty kid from this is 40 Yup I googled His name is Ryan Lee

Fun facts Almost everyone knows this music even before Tik Tok existed

good job Richardson

Hi 2021 s people

I love this video and song but I don t get the video


Love this song


Pertama dnger lagu ini di iklan pasta gigi wktu sd😂

D autres québécois qui catchent que c est Richardson de Big Brothers

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