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Doja Cat feat Rico Nasty-Tia Tamera

Doja Cat Hot Pink (2020)
  • Sanatçı: Doja Cat
  • Albüm: Hot Pink (2020)
  • Şarkı: feat Rico Nasty-Tia Tamera
  • Boyut: 3.33 Mb
  • Süre: 03:35
  • Format: mp3
  • Hit: 11
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Yorumlar ( Doja Cat - feat Rico Nasty-Tia Tamera)

3 34 yesss🛐🛐 anything for you queen


me my twins big li tia tamera also my twins

bonita bonita bonita


My cousins get hella annoyed when i be like 1 07💀✋

3 34 your welcome

I love tia and Tamara from sista sista

this is my favorite game show

The fact that Doja looks like one of the twins😅

Nickelodeon been real quiet lmao

I’m so proud that this song has 69 mill views

Girrrrrllll 😍😍😍

I swear to God she need to change that thumbnail the mv got alot of good shot

this videos at 69 million views

Music I vibe to at 3am

1 26 Bonita means pretty in Spanish if you’re wondering

This song is so powerful lol

Sister sister

They look like Disney Channel twins in that first outfit


I love

Nickelodeon for 18

I only came for Rico Nasty

Who directed this video

she come s with suprise every time

3 33

why did the vid suddenly became less saturated

Anaconda too 1B


I named my new kitty Doja Cat bc of how much I love this song

Nadie entenderá este comentario sólo los que saben Hablar español

36k ppl are garbage 🗑🙄

doja cat meow nicki minaj rrrrrrr to be honest its funny megan aaaaaaahhhhhh

YESS i love tia and tamera

they rlly got plastic surgey just for this

For my people who were looking for this part 3 33

I cant stop listening to thisssss

Hair grow long like chia money go long like nia

Yeass queen 👑👑

The thumbnail looks like a Bart baker video


“Oohh Sister Sister”🎵

the HELLOO hit different

My mind

Uh wait 👁👄👁

This is sooo bad

Stream anaconda

I was thinking of sister sister

only thing that makes my puppy sleep 3

3 32

Yall really out here trynna complement the song deadass ignoring the music video

Honestly their look in the yellow stairs scenes looks like something in an early 2010s disney sitcom like shake it up or something lmao

Running out of songs this song sucks

Thank you very much 😝

Imagine Doja being a triplet in sister sister

Does anyone remember the show Sister sister I still watch it sometimes times Is this song related to the twins

0 00 Doja Cat 2 13 Rico Nasty 3 00 Doja Cat 3 34 Hellooooo do you know who the f ck you re talking to


I watched this so many times I can t count now

So much cannddyyyyyyyyy oOo

My fav song by her

I scream this song every time it’s come on

i didnt know lyft was an actual company

if we had spirit songs this would be mine

thank u very much

Telling my kids this was Stephanie from Lazy town

3 34 I only came for that but the song is still good 💅

she reminds me of them


Lisa Frank Nickelodeon vibes

Bruh this song became a meme at the end

Im on a nokia 5 2

This song makes me feal like a baddie even though ima dude

0 06

Her twins were big though

1 5x is just amazing

Omg I started watch sister sister and I

at this pace music is just made for retards

Nobody The kids headphones

Bent the world over and said spank you very much


He wanna eat up the Cesar aye BONITA BONITA BONITA


If you disliked Your Just jealous You Cant Be Her Period Random person I Hate Dojo Dojo WHITE TIA KAREN✋

ok so in class the other day we had to correct sentences that weren’t correct so someone said capitalize tamara and my teacher goes “T and Tamera”

My twins big like Tia Tamera said by Rico who has a flat chest No hate I m actually a fan of her✌️

Listen to it at 2x speed and your life will never be the same

The “TiA TAMERA” hits different

I love this song so much

Why does my boyfriend know this song better than me 😡🤬

Me trying to find out if doja is a human a cat or cow

I m unable to believe something from 2019 is 2 yrs old

watching this during covid times is so weird because like where are their masks they’re way too close OH WAIT COVID WASNT AROUND AND ITS SO WEIRD

doja and rico are the best bad bitches EVERRRRR


No one Absolutely no one My brain during sum important HAIR GROW LIKE CHIA MONEY GO LONG LIKE NIAA

Fun fact that isn t really fun y second name is Tia

This song is underrated

Tia 👁️👄👁️ Ela fala português

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