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Doja Cat Like You (Streets)

Doja Cat Hot Pink (2020)
  • Sanatçı: Doja Cat
  • Albüm: Hot Pink (2020)
  • Şarkı: Like You (Streets)
  • Boyut: 3.47 Mb
  • Süre: 03:47
  • Format: mp3
  • Hit: 61
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Yorumlar ( Doja Cat - Like You (Streets))

I love doing it with kevin4nn Instagram when this song plays

1 35 got me in my feels😥🙏



Malayali illeda pevereshhh 😊

Starts litsen the music called Streets

2 18

twerks cutely so jake can notice me

Play back the speed to 075x or 1 25x they are so good

There s no way you re not from tiktok

I thought this song came out this year Omg

I advise yall use headphones trust me especially around 1 36

2 16 meme

This music is 🔥

and why doja cat say rarararararaarararaarrararara

i love the song

Doja knew EXACTLY what she was doing This song is sooo addictive 💯

um YES

I like the part where it says like You Xd

0 11

0 12

2 00 like you send your location

I know yall do that face

I looooooov this song 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

this song is a f cking vibe

cries whilst twerking beautifully

whoever produced this knew their job👌 this is fire 🔥

Me legit in my bed when I can’t sleep and lonely 😔 🚬

This song makes me want to pole dance

oh so y all don t like doja until she posted this i c u

I ve made a remix of Streets with Nicki and Ariana ❤️

2 17

how can i get a vid of just the tunes or with no singing do yall know what im talking about

twerks but sadly

This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through quarantine thank god for music I love you

Soy la única que habla en español

xhsgsvgs miłej nocy j g 3

Djututuuuuurrrur4rr4uirr4u4 turtle to 69o9ól

Like you like to you like you

I’m playing this song on my wedding purrrrrrrrr ✨💕💓💗💖😈✌🏻😛😑😀😩🔫💘💋😭🤡

No les pasa que ⚡2 19⚡

I love your song🥺❤️💞💕

Song sampled in the intro Streets is Callin’ by B2K give the song some attention 🧚🏽‍♀️✨

this song is making my day everyday

you cant understand im obsessed

when ever i here send you location i also hear damn papi you rari no campari and this motherfunkin scary

me encanta el inicio w

pick this over say so anyday

ngl i feel that very super old songs r getting hyped up in 2021 for me it s weird because these old songs were made from the 80 s to 2000 s and its like why wasnt this getting hype when it was made but ppl have there own opinions so i cant complain IMAO but have a good day guys

i love you

Как это скачать 🤣

i love your music i wish to be successful like you

Once i put in my earbuds and that beat comes i feel really and i mean really chill

If i could go back to the first time i heard the bass drop


Louis partridge edits entered the chat

Can anyone tell me who made that dark background music sound i love it and I want to hear more about it😃

This beat is so damn powerful

Oh how i fucking love the beginning of the music

Doja Cat ft Doja Cat

Anyone hear Beyonce s Dangerously in love during the chorus Hahaah I guess she sampled Dangerously in Love a song called streets

beat starts playing Me arches my back slowly

pozdrawiam polske 😙

I listen to it alone in the woods

I love you


Tô aqui por causa do tik tok

i know yall been waiting for this 2 15 😏

I m just hear for the TREMDOUS AMOUNT OF BASS THIS HAS 🔊🔊🔊

Soy el único wey que no entiende las canciones en Inglés pero le gustan el sonido y como lo cantan 0


me singing it dayum papá you a rah breed no compareen and it’s mutha f scahree tryna keep em cus I found em let an oh no I ain’t mutha f shareen


Can anyone recommend similar songs like this I really like this kind of vibe 😭

Who’s listening in 🇹🇹🇹🇹

This song is insane 😍


i love doja cat

damn papa you a rer breed

Estaba llorando y me aparecio esta canción y ya no estoy tan mal gracias Doja

came from a demon girl in a sweater with a sledgehammer 👀

Imagine being with babe with red led lights and giving him a full lap dance Me sad twerking on food💁🏾‍♀️


Streets 😭💕

the best feeling is finding a song before hearing it on tiktok


Final fantasy reference


I just sang my heart out to this song

So everyone’s just gonna say “ sAd tWeRkInG” now Lmao think of something else it’s clearly taken🤣🤣🤣

i love the rapping 2 18

1 12 correction

i love that trasition 0 12

Such an amazing song

2 16

Put your hands on my shoulder

0:00 0:00
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