Doja Cat Say So

Doja Cat Hot Pink
  • Sanatçı: Doja Cat
  • Albüm: Hot Pink
  • Şarkı: Say So
  • Boyut: 9.09 Mb
  • Süre: 03:58
  • Format: mp3
  • Hit: 579
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Yorumlar ( Doja Cat - Say So)

Her yeri belli

Kkkkkkkkkkkk só consigo lembrar da versão brasileira

Love that she almost sounds Yorkshire when she says ‘Let me check my chest my breath right quick ’

Wtf is this

The song is on Fortnite i Love cute this song

This could easily be a Gwen Stefani song

Who’s here before 300M views

Tune love you bekka xx


AFN the Eagle made this song one of my favorite songs

Yeah but how she dance tho no offense

her songs were such a hit in 2019 20

Female armin lead me here

Tcheca com tcheca balança essa pereca kkk

tcheca com tcheca balança essa perereca

magical voice

Maldito fortnite

Me hace a llevar mi tristeza esta hermosa canción aparte porque no se el significado de la letra v

my god you have such a perfect vibe ✨

Adoro esta canción

Ok this song is severely overplayed but it somehow doesnt get annoying to me thats when u know its a bop that will stan the test of time Props to Doja she killed it👍❤

يخرب بيتها ذي كذا وهذا الصوت طالع منها كيف؟


Tik tok Like yes Comment no

This music scored my quarantine

Catchy tune but 3 4 of the song is her saying the same thing over and over again Music needs some work



I can t believe this was 1 year ago

This song video belongs in the library of congress a rare gem amongst an era of completely bullsh t music💯

She looks very soft

Futparodias furtou sua music

if summer night was a song

Obsessed with the styling 😍😍😍😍😍


I love her butterfly outfit

This song reminds me of the lie Donald cat said 😂

Feel nostalgic and don’t know why The outfits and settings for the vid were inspired by the 70’s

We Stan Doja Cat over here


She is so pretty in a blue dress

I like this song

Isso e danny bondyyyy

Close de theka meu amor

I feel the girl power and I’m a dude

With those changes in her voice I am sure she can do a a song featuring herself Doja Cat feat Doja Cat

I just love this song

ja quero

ae passa o zap

Jesus Christ is coming and Jesus loves you let’s turn to Jesus

you deserved grammy

Hot look at those hot sexy moves

Tiktok 2020 memories 🥺 quarantaine

What’s sad about this video is the greediness and insecurity of the Libra star shining thru Here she is singing about this guy and all they give him are one second clips and a spin at the end which they should have gave him a bit more of letting loose by himself Why even have him in the video when it’s really all about her 🙄 Annoying


She is B E A U T I F U L L


I can see the busty bois

want a song that reminds me of the quarantine this is

We all know in the Earth that you didn t see this on your recommended you searched it

I don t really like the video because of your clothes

Didn t know Keegan Michael Key was so muscular

Confinement 2020 cette musique partout sur tiktok

Finally I found this song 😂

Tcheca com tcheca balança essa pere o meu nome é Dany bonde e eu tenho uma pretcheca kkkkkk nunca mais vou conseguir escutar essa música do jeito original 😂😂🇧🇷🇧🇷

i like the early 70s thing going on here not that i was trying to look but why didnt you wear a bra ms doja with that long silver dress i can kinda see through enough to figure that out o e

This is iconic

It s been a year omg

danny bond

The trash look is so overdone but it always sells to each new gen of losers 👎👎👎👎👎👎

I like the part at 1 29 where Doja humors the big dumb brute by asking him What does that do

Doja be i barbie doll Klaus Barbie her dad s Zulu and he ll know what this means LOL

This is horrible

This song came out in late February 2020 but it gives me January February 2020 vibes and reminds me of a certain person and my friend group having fun in the New Decade unaware of what was coming in the next few months This is giving me so much nostalgia


Doja has to spell it out for that big dumb brute

Bitch I m a cow bitch I m a cow I m not a cat I don t say meow

No one Me That tiger is beautiful


mgwo ndlv saor cso njsyro mrpsf nrpsfs ngpsfso mrpsfso jrtpei 💋💋💋ceodsu

I made a tik Tok with this song but i edited it by putting anime voices like naruto senpai sasuke itachi sasuke sakura and shikimaru nara

So pretty

This is now a TikTok emote lol

Such a fucking baddie

love this song


Essa música é tão sem graça sem a parte da Dany Bond

Tcheca com tcheca balança essa perereca

0 25 body movement is so satisfying for me I dunno whyyyyyyyyy😭

Algún latino que escuche esta joya

When are they going to start shooting music videos in 4K quality I mean it is 2021 and everyone has a 4K TV now 1080 resolution is so old school

Aluminadi yonce stole that grammy

Doja hang in baby keep working hard and doing great videos your time will come they can t keep denying you because you are a great talent I am a 62 year old black female fan and my husband and I love your music next time that we give a party we will be playing your music please note that when you you can conquer the OG s you re pretty damn good C est magnifique


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