Doja Cat So High

Doja Cat Hot Pink (2020)
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Yorumlar ( Doja Cat - So High)

Did she say we both look asian 😔

7 years ago today

Today 7 years ago DAMN TIME GOES FASTTT

It’s 7 years today yayyyyyyyyy

By far her best

happy birthday for this song

she havent one bad song

how six years

Damn I miss u lot ❤️🔥

People are so sensitive now Y’all get mad about her lyric “we look Asian” boo whooo and grow up y’all Have these male rappers out there are racist but y’all think it’s a “bop” This is a great song

I remember when this was her only song oml

I love it Stayl arabic


Jhene Aiko vibes somehow

2 musica favorita dela a primeira e Streets 3

She made songs 6 years ago

tell me why my brain confused this with Say So explicit but now i don’t regret this at all

sad twerking

this how you know Doja been about the art from the jump

I just realized this she s dressed like an Indian Goddess

Y’all wilding Doja has ALWAYS BEEN FIRE the fact y’all just finding out is wild ASF

why is this so relaxing xD

Lana Del Rey

I just knew if I knew her during this time I would of been playing this song down in high school when she dropped it

she was 19 here

I’m surprised this was made in 2014

Cultural appropriation Is fine

Shes only 20 0r 19 at this point

she looks like kylie for a sec

https youtu be LDZX4ooRsWs

“Now we both look Asian” 🧍🏿‍♀️🧍🏿‍♀️Is it just me or does that not sound right

I’ve been her fan since “So High”🥺

Why cant i find a comment at least 2 years old

Surprised they ain t cancelled her yet for appropriating Indian culture 😒

now we both look asian

May seem like a reach but please see Aaron Hall let s make love beat sounds familiar just a bit

This song was dropped back when I was in a degree college I can t forget those days sitting with frnds with roll in hand and streaming this track all the time in college hostel 6 years flew just like that but memories stays forever 🥰Doja cat🥰

i literally can’t why are all her songs so perfect like can you find one song that is bad


Why do y’all cry about everything lol

i love doja🙏🏼

41 million views

This sounds heavenly

I have no idea who is Doja Cat when this came out Lucky to those who are a fan for a very long time

She was making music 6 years ago wtf I thought she became started recently

This song is such a vibe

i always get so confused by America’s hypocrisy and selective “woke ness” she literally said in this song “we both look asian” implying their eyes were partly closed from the weed isn’t it like racist or is it racist only when white people say it

Apaixonado nesse clipe 😍😍😍❤️canta muito 💚

this song was my introduction to doja cat

Love this song First time seeing video

Before she sold out Nice

Appropriating Indian culture but when a white girl does it it s fucked up Guess white people have white privileges and black people have this privilege to NOT be held accountable Meanwhile in the time it took to type this a black youth was shot by another black youth in America but we ain t gonna talk about that cause whitey wasn t involved And we know black people need white people to solve their problems A simple Thank you would be nice once in a while Jerome

The sonnggg💔💔 her voicee 😩💔💔✋✋✋

I m waiting til people find this and start calling her out for cultural appropriation


Song is like how you feel when you re drunk in love

Claim your here in 2021 ticket

Who else is watching this in 2021

DOJA CAT the baby 18 years omg 1995

I met doja with this song 4 years ago it feels nice to see that his fame grew so much and that he has what he deserves


Daummm this hit so good when we sooooo high☺️😘😉🤭😜

Who directed this vid

1st song I ever heard of hers Been a Dojo Cat fan been saw the talent I glad she getting the recognition she deserves

te amo doja finalmente vc esta recebendo o dinheiro q vc investiu nesse clipe kkkk

“now we both look asian” i love this song but yikes i don’t know about that line


Me acuerdo cuando la escuchaba con 100mil views que fue cuando pego en el under y después se pegó en el mainstream 🔥🔥🔥 estaba muy infravalorada en el 2016 que bueno que se pegó


I m glad I was a fan before she became tik tok famous

Whoa First time seeing this video or hearing this song Doja been that bitch

Je t aime 3

I want this played at my wedding end of conversation


Weird This was in my recommendation and it says that this music video was released in 2016 But can someone explain that how the f did this came out when this channel were created in 2018😭😭😭😭

I feel so bad for not promoting her when this came out im so happy she has made it now 3

This is my fav song when I smoke 🍃

after hearing the backstory and the struggle she went through after this with her being broke and stuff i just cant stop listening to this just cuz i wanna support her even though she was nominated for the grammys also why did they have to do that to her

I remember having people here this song and they hated it But now they love it 🙄

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Yeah ❤️

sos increible

this is the song i found doja through years ago when i used to make video edits ahah i still love it so much

My vibe on God

Caso vc seja br eu estive nessa musica em 2019

I used to get stoned af during my college years to a remix of this song in like 2014 15 and then idk what happened to Doja Cat I was so happy to see her in 2020 again

She spent all of her own money on this when she was actually poor Now she just bought a 2 2M dollar house 😌

Omg 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 Doja wear indian clothes

I knew her back then from purple light Her feature on eliphant s song fuck all your opinions I don t give them attentiaon Much love

wait i love this song 😭

I love that i knew Doja before she blew up


2021 squad

I was in 3rd grade when this song was released


So I listened to this song but never knew this was DOJA

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