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Doja Cat Streets (Bass Boosted)

Doja Cat Hot Pink
  • Sanatçı: Doja Cat
  • Albüm: Hot Pink
  • Şarkı: Streets (Bass Boosted)
  • Boyut: 5.31 Mb
  • Süre: 03:52
  • Format: mp3
  • Hit: 206
  • Tarih: 12 Mart 2021 Cuma
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Yorumlar ( Doja Cat - Streets (Bass Boosted))

Dojas music maker so what can I do 4 U Doja bass and outta body experience when the best drops Dojas music maker can do

Muito foda


I m posting again I ll keep yous updated on my insta baby eedy

🎵 I been going through some things🎵

Im in heaven i love it

This is literally amazing 😩😩😩✨✨✨✨

This a vibe

Thank you again to everyone I ll start posting again when I m on 100 subscribers I have some new content I would like to share with everyone ❤️🔥

this is the best I’ve listened too TUSM

0 09 best



2 15


It sounds cool with heasphones

This isn t viral seriously

I didnt know I needed this

now THIS is loud

Omg yes

i m subscribe RIGHT NOW

no cap i like it no cap

No one Me Playing this every hour 🧋😍

Listening to this with a fat sub 😍

try with earphones pls

yall omg

you genuinely didn t have a reason to pop off this hard but I m thankful you did 🥺✋

1 🇧🇷❤️

I know ya all came here to listen to the bass drop in the beginning with bass boost

this is a blessing to my ears😩

Bru I wish a guy sang this song like fr idk why 😂

this is hella fire


My bass vibrates my entire place Omg things are falling

Finally it s not reverb or slowed Thank you


Omg I can’t i am obsessed

i like this

Omg yes This is heaven This needs to get big ❤️👏🏻👏🏻

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