G Eazy Him & I

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  • Sanatçı: G Eazy
  • Albüm: Tüm Şarkılar
  • Şarkı: Him & I
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  • Süre: 04:30
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Yorumlar ( G Eazy - Him & I)

Hayley is pregnant but not with him

I used to listen this song then I understood it


Love them ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Morao sam da pustim ej nina nina da se vratim u zivot

Had enuff

Clearly the threat of her cutting it off wasnt enough


Dumb as fuck



В чатaх пишут прo Ен0т гл0бал может ктo знaет чтo зa штукa

Блин Кaк выйти п0 высoк0чaст0тке в TOP 3 надoлг0

2021 anyone

Кто нибудь слышали 0 EnotGlobal

G Eazy is a Gemini so supposedly he has a twin She says U I then she says him I I like ♊👬

Bett G Eazy comes back to this song everyday

Everything is slowly is turning into nostalgia

You are not the only one who s listening this masterpiece in 2021 ❤

Example of perfect song without error ❤

Hey you yes you 😊 Sorry to interrupt your scrolling through the comments but I just wanted to say that you are beautiful ☺

im a crazy fuckin GEMINI PLSSSSSSSSSSSS guys pls dont use ur zodiac sighs as excusessss no offence cuz i could probably be wrong

Imagine a world with them still together

08 31 15 until forever Jessica N Heald You will have my heart forever This will be our song forever and always 6 years in with 70 to go I love you baby


she still did not forgive the man STUPID HALSEY


this didn t age well

2022 вы со мной

True lovers never die

jutarnje smene razvedene zene vutra i privatni trener pivo bez pene hiene sirene i noge od lepe brene kosevi nozevi porshe i klosari pozar a mozda i djole kileri i pile i vile i miler i diler iz osnovne skole

Bagus sekali film nya tolomg subscribeni chanel YouTube Bahrudin Kalianda

Such a perfect couple


Whenever i listen to this song Joker and Harley Quinn pops in mind

VE son kötü bitti 😥✊

lets see how many people are watching in 3021

I want to cry😭😭😭 💔💔😖

halsey look like marie avgeropoulos

Aygo if you see this please text me


Love this song 💗



Ride or die my love

2021 Anyone Nostalgia hits hard 😖

You are not the only one who s listening this masterpiece in 2021 ❤

so are they still together

I came back here from 2017

In the end it s me and I

In the end It s doesn t even matters 🥺

The Real Aesthetic✨

0 16

Squirl knows the dogs

Hey guys who did g easy cheat on Halsey with

Me and me

Love is not true


moral of the story relationships always have an ending

Not my dumbass thinking this was Taylor swift

So he’s like “im a crazy f cking gemini” Kinda funny cause my best friend has the same birthday as him

i’m obsessed with this video still

still my favourite song 3 years later

nevertheless they both look so fucking good in this

can anyone suggest me with same aesthetic video songs


Still feeling that 🎵 waay too much on ❤


💗 waiting

Ertime i hear this i be thinking about da mfs i f ked up n da past 🤦🏾‍♂️ it s me myself an I

So I’m assuming she cut his “haha” off🤔😂😐


Who will I wish get one milion


I love you so much o baby remember me in kitchen

This song and “Clover Cage One More Try” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better We are in this together I love you 🙏🏻💝

Gloria Senad

jp2 2137

Jass manak copied this song music copied song no competition

Na bado waliachana tu😭😂😂 wueh na sisi je 😂😂

Finding this song just now Liking it Having no clue about them being in a relationship because I’m not into media like that rofl 🤣 So being completely unaffected by the whole thing A scandal that was probably planned to begin with And if not well I hope they both heal and learn from this and find ppl who actually complete them No is not okay to hurt But we’re all human and don’t always make the best choices Best thing one can do is learn and move on Do and be with who makes you happy 💕

Şimdi onun bir Türkten çocuğu var D

This song can touch your heart even if you no longer have anything more important than your thoughts✌️

to my lover i never lied everybody lied to his lover at some point

Hi gezy

never heard of the guy until this song so how famous is he

Awesome ❤️❤️

Best couple there ever was crying shame

03 07 You are verry pretty

G Ezy is like most men unable to be faithful The grass is always greener

I’m slowly dieing because of

Halsey perfeita

Before Him I Now Aydın I

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