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Yorumlar ( Generationals - Avery)


They should put it on the music video

Fantastic song

Everyone agree with me


They should put a music video

The song I heard when I met my gf what a day

Its 2020 I still love this song Anyone Else

Hello new comment coming through

Am i the only avery here who listened to this song purely cause it has my name in it great song btw

Hi I really love this song but for some reason my brain keeps telling me that I ve heard this part 0 24 before in another song If you know what song is please tell me

here from outback

Dannyelmango produced it

You guys should come to New Jersey

I want to see them live

Replay 24 7

Completely in love with this song

my name is Avery

2018 and STILL my favorite band

anyone have the lyrics song

so good 6 6k views is a travesty

i ve been in love with this song since it came out and i have it on apple music but i came here to just say this is just such a good song that is all such a good fucking song my favorite song for the month of april may so good

Spotify gracias desde Santiago Chile 🇨🇱

does anyone have the lyrics of this song

Thats my brothers name

Who else listened to this still in 2102


Generationals continue to drop robust beats that stir the soul keep it coming 😎

im so hype all my faves are coming out w new music this yr 😭

takes me to the place in my mind where i find peace

nobody knows that i paint my toenails


who else still listening to this in 2017

Published 1 hour ago Comment Are you still listening to this in 2017

brazil loves u 💛

love it

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