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Yorumlar ( Generationals - Trust)

Everytime I watch this video I feel happy and sad at the same time

I guess Olivia is a friend of all of us now

Still the greatest song So happy

Myyyy Frieeend oooliiivviiiaaa

Autumn is always a great time to get out into Nature pick apples and prance around with your friends D

This is what youtube made for

I didn t realise incels were known to be found roaming wild in nature

Olivia s right

this rabbit hole all started with a burrito at chipotle best 37 dollars i ever spent and who needs a kidney anyway

Intro and later in the song is a fucking blatant riff rip off of The Cutter by Echo and The Bunnymen Starts 0 26 Plagiarist hipster wankers Write your own bloody songs Like that tentwentyten ditty though

This is the footage that was obtained shortly after they killed their fat friend

Love this song I play it every fall since grade 11 just love life 😀💛💛🍁 LIFE IS BESUTIFUL STAY POSITIVE HAVE FUN WITH YOUR FRIENDS YAYY YIPPEE GOF BLESS this is literally me and my friends how I view and enjoy life everyday Enjoy dance have fun

Fantastic song and fantastic video Well done to the Generationals and Meghan Ellie Smith Hope to see you and your friends come out of retirement and make a few more

Itza Espinoza 😘

oh hell yes

With this song I feel like I m in Southern California

Do you feel like you re living with a curse and Are you making it worse and Can you take anymore People don t say what they re covering up and Are you staring at a loaded gun Are you gonna give you what I m asking for Don t go too slow don t go too fast and break the mold Don t make it last don t make it great Carry the weight carry the wound Is it everything you want and more If you can t see it I can tell you that you re living in a weird world and You re making it up as you go along Baby don t you get what I m asking for My friend Olivia said to me What s the use in trusting more than we have to My friend Olivia said to me What s the use in trusting more than we have to

congrats on the Facebook commercial I think I first heard this song 4 years ago and was totally obsessed

The bass for this songs sounds AMAZING 😱😱😱 I love it

I love this video reminds me of me and my friends a few years back

Thought it was my video player that was skipping

I d love to be around the people in this video they seem really cool and fun

My favorite song


Edge of 17 is going to ruin this song Death by Radio inc


I m here looking for THAT with which to close out my radio show tonight It s Show 40 40 years is a Generation in the Bible I have dug the G nals so Here I am LOVE this song SO much 1st time seeing the video and it is worthy of praise I have this 9 yr old daughter and she s saturated in media that s flashy trashy cotton candy pink electric blue I showed this to her LOOK at this Anybody with a heart has to love this song but look at this video of the beautiful young people They have Energy AND Imagination which is an ACE combo and Look at them they re bright beautiful and c mon they re YOUNG PEOPLE They re kinda hot But they re COOL KIDS they re NOT TRASHY Daddy said Right On Keep more num nums coming

O Generationals WHERE ART THOU

great video

Indie New Wave   Good blend of new and old

Best video ever Wish everyday of my life was like this Watched it like a hundred times Not really tho sorry not sorry

They kinda sound like Phoenix

Great song wack video Hipsters day out

Topples off the hipster cliff but the music holds up

Max is ignorant 

other songs that put you in a good mood James Yuill This Sweet Love and Allo Darlin Dreaming

As far as I m concerned this is the real Official video

This video really gets me in the mood for autumn

They jump a lot

90 of the comments below seem to be focused on hipster bashing the video to me appears to be just a bunch of kids young adults having fun and it s an awesome feel good song gotta love the youtube comments section for never letting you down by failing to provide needlessly negative comments anyway life is good and it s better when you have good songs to listen to Cheers

One of the best bands I ve listened to in a long time If that makes me a hipster so be it Never mind my handlebar mustache either

Meghan Where was this shot at What state country Such an amazing job Pre order the new album It s going to be amazing

Can olivia be my friend too o

And above you can see several male and female individuals of the species Hipster outside of their natural habitat As you might have perceived they struggle to survive in such a harsh environment as they try out different sorts of fruit to survive At least as interesting are the several forms of dances and gestures they make to initiate sexual reproduction I personally have been fascinated by these creatures

Such a great song

is this what hipsters listen to

On a 7 hour train ride and your music is the only thing keeping me sane Thank you


Love the generationals

who saw that shooting star

cool people

you can have some of mine In Brazil it s freaking hot as hell all year long

I 3 Olivia

Totes man

Yuck is good

A little too far to the yuppie side of hip I wouldn t trust your coterie more than I had to You certainly look like fun though

Really sucking at using commas doesn t make you look intelligent either


Is that bearded guy named Josh Edwards

To anyone that likes the Generationals they remind me a lot of the band Yuck You might want to check them out

ಠ ಠ What the hell is their problem with the apples

My friend Olivia

well than what do you find artistic unique intellegent

But you have to admit they can have a nice behind

I like this

damn hipsters being outside and doing outside things how obnoxious

Agreed I was just being an ass or troll or whatever

Yeah you re right because if you didn t then you probably wouldn t bother coming back to this video multiple fucking times like a dumbass piece of shit

My friend Olivia said to me has got to be the best part

If you don t want to get judged as a dick then don t act like one

that dude with the beard has moves


this my kinda jam

I love White People

Pretty Little Liars anyone

i was listening to this beautiful music while suddenly nicki minaj starts singing on tv So I just raised my volume to max and now i love this music even more

look at all the hip young kids eating sal ads

editor was on acid

I m for it This is great

HORRIBLE CAMERA WORK back in the 80s it was kinda cool to see cinematography like this in skate videos cuz it was cool and edgy now it s just sad and nauseating

Expect more pay less

Charming video

Weird I just saw your video for the first time today but this has been one of my favorite songs for a few months now and every time I listen to it I imagine making a video of me and my friends having a rad day exactly like this one It even starts out with us driving around haha weird coincidence Cool video it suited the song perfectly

Olivia s my favorite name I ll take her word

sweet vid definitely suited the song great job

The best part is ♪ my friend olivia ♪ omg this song is so good ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


This is the only kind of hipsters I can stand the kind that makes beautiful music

Fucking killer bass

Great song for the summer

This band will get big one day If not I will personally go and introduce everyone to it Amazing one of my favorites now D

forcibly screwing the girls destroying the men

stop wasting apples


I miss summer

Luigipr1 well i think this video is cute and chill

stupid video GREAT BAND

My favorite song from their album

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