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Gustavo Pablo

Gustavo Pablo
  • Sanatçı: Gustavo
  • Albüm: Pablo
  • Şarkı: Pablo
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  • Tarih: 7 Mayıs 2021 Cuma
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Yorumlar ( Gustavo - Pablo)

Pablo knew his cousin so well and loved him so much that he knew what advise he would give him

Man i love this scene True brotherhood

3 longest minutes of my life

This scene is amazing

Somos bandidos si o que

Was Gus a ghost in this scene

In this scene i realize that Pablo was bored his life

This is the most painful scene that I watched in whole webseries

Even bad men know love

So was Gustavo rly dead

Davvero molto forte questa scena

Love pablo fuck cali fuck Columbia gouvernament

He met gustavo ghost before his death

Todos los putos dias de mi vida mi hermano onions

Bandidos There is something about that dialogue in this scene I love this

This one hits hard Jesus fucking Christ

Gustavo was one of the very few people that kept Pablo in check in the earlier days and had the balls to tell him about himself Pablo definitely lost his way when Gustavo died I m sure things would have ended one way or the other for Pablo but maybe not as messy

Guys i know he was a criminal but at the end of s2 where they killed him I felt bad for him his kids his wife and his mom

Everybody is sad for Pablo and Gustavo but nobody feels sad about Che Guevara being eaten

This scene speaks th the closeness those two had I cant watch it without getting misty cause theres no pain like a brother lost

Which Gonzalo do you prefer The one in Narcos or the one in El Patron del Mal Would like to hear your opinions

0 55 legendary words 👏👏👏 Pablo Gustavo

For some reason this is my favourite scene out of every series i watched

If you speak spanish this is even sadder Todos los putos días de mi vida mi hermano

This scene is simply the best ❤️❤️❤️

We all know he was a bad guy but Narcos made the whole world fall in love with Pablo Escobar I guess there was something good about him 😔

Pablo Escobar was a horrible guy but this scene broke my heart

Today I feel Messi is saying this to Neymar

This scene always broke my heart i still miss my cousin everyday

“everything started to fall apart the day you left ”

Even ghost of Gustavo smokes

This is really the most sad scene ever 😂

Still sends shivers down my spine RIP Pablo Gustavo

wow such a well crafted scene

I wonder how pablos life would’ve been if he didnt do cocaine probably the president sense he actually studied to become one

Essa cena é fabulosa

Guy was an evil Dont understand why heart breaks when i see this scene

Tears rolled out Long live Pablo Escobar gaveria 😎

i miss you everyfuckin day of my life so Emotional

so emotional

Where legends cried


When Gustavo said turn yourself in and then escape and the legend will grow that’s exactly what el chapo did and he wasn’t lying

Pablo s love side by eyes

That s made me tears 😪😪

Excellent direction salute the director

This scene I had tears in my eyes 😭💔


Todos los putos dias de mi vida mi hermano ufffff damn

He probably was sniffing Coke

so did he allucinate

Ads off

that last scene Pablo eyes expression are just made me tears

Best scene in entire series

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