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Yorumlar ( Jackson Wang - Okay)

This man is dangerous I m not okay 😃😍🙂

Who still watch 2021 I love this mv it’s real wild and sexy of Jackson

People throw rocks at things that shine

One of my favorite song

Here because of Tony Kachine and Seventeen

Jackson you know this MV is trying to kill women across the world

Wow jajajaja me gusta toy loca

Estou aqui por causa do reality Youth With You 3 e Okay estou entorpecida

Jackson has a song called okay How was I not aware of this I m crying

i m not okay

yinghao brought me here

many thoughts in my head

From Youth With You 3 ❤️ Lian Huaiwei ❤️❤️❤️


I told myself I ll be okay

We just want to see you happy and be okay love you jackson

whats the meaning of deer here


Jackson the man that you are

Came here again after YWY s performance 3 we miss u Jackson laoshi

best song


Im feelin good right now skrrt skrrt

Buraya gelen arkadaşım lmly de gidiver

Starting my April 2021 with Jackson Telling myself that I am okay

2021 new song of Jackson Did everyone listen and watch every song yet ALONE MAGNETIC Rain x Jackson Wang So Bad VAVA x Jackson Wang M I A Afgan feat Jackson Wang LMLY

clearly your lying m8

Came here after watching tony s performance in youthwithyou 3 😘😍🥰 Plz download iqiyi app and vote for Tony 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Like i know people compare liang sen to Jackson but damn his english verse sounds the same

Owaaaaaaa bebeğim dewamkeeee

Literally one of Jackson’s BEST songs of all time

I do not care if I no longer like Korean songs I just want to listen to Korean songs that I used to listen before I also do not care what year I m listening to this

How the f I miss this I listen to all his other songs but this one Thanks youth with you

Wwow see this song on Youth with you 3 and now i am finding the original singer So good 😊

I missed this song well thanks to YWY3 lol I m back here I still love this original it hits different


I am here to watch this song bcoz of Youth with you 3😂 Specially bcoz of Team B

jackson is so handsome and talented

Fun fact I am here because of tony yu s fancam in youth with you hihihi

mira ese poder en esa voz mira que poder en esa mirada omg


I m here because youth with you 3 😉😉😉

here after lmly


Who s here becuz youth with you3


Happy birthday to Jackson

I know it from ywy Tony and team performed this song very cool I like this song so much

omg so I’ve never heard of this song but when I heard it on youth with you 3 I was like omg this is giving off Jackson vibes sm AND TURNS OUT IT IS HIS SONG WTF

eu te amo


happy bday best boy

I feel hooked to the song when they performed it in YWY3 i didn t know it was Jackson s song 😊 glad i foynd a masterpiece💜

Who’s here after Youth with You 😂 Here I am because of He Derui 😘


Still vibing with Jackson been 2 and half years🤗

Now why does this have so little v 3ws

This song is definitely a chef s kiss

Hermoso Wang

Who’s coming here again after ywy3

Just iseng Lol But this music will be popular cause ywy 3 I think 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Here after tony’s fancam ❤️🔥🔥

Here after LMLY

anyone here from youth with you🤭 Tony performing this song

honestly who are all those people disliking this video

Jacksoooooooonnnnnnn 🆒 jijijijijijijijijijijijiji 😍❤️😘 I would like you to make a collaboration with an international Latin American would be a success For Asia there will be the global world jijijijijijijijijijijijiji it is worth dreaming Also be romantic with your beautiful voice Ok now 😂💕💕💕🔥🔥🔥🔥😇😈💓🆗 Xauuuu salu2 from 🇨🇱👁️😉👍2021

whose here after Kachines is in Okay group Youth with you Btw his song is awesome


Suddenly i feel pregnant omg his power

je t aime trop your song is amazing from PARIS

I came here knowing that tony kachine chase Lee Kingston and he derui will do this song

so kingston s team will perform this song OKAY

I❤️🌹 U

Love you

Suddenly i feel pregnant


i have something for this song

thanks to 青春有你3 for reminding me of this awesome song

Jackson is one of my favorite singer rapper and dancer And wow Liang Sen from Youth with you 3 will perform this nice song I am looking forward for his performance


Can t wait for Jackson s new single Leave Me Loving You on March 26th

I m come for Tony choose this song 🤩

I wanna see jackson in movies so bad😭😭 his expressiona omfghhh

Sun yinghao will be performing this in qcyn3 and is the rumored center 😍😍😍 please support him

His voics is everything

My boy deserve more recognition

tony is performing this song guysssss rmbr to support him in ywy 3 ~

Jackson 3

قريبة من 28 مليون

Jackson ante todo sabe que nos tiene mal con lo que sea te amo mi amor

I love

I love muy love

Oh baby you are magnetic


Porque es tan perfecto 😭✨

Youth with you 3

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