Jason Derulo Painkiller

Jason Derulo Everything Is 4 (2015)
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2021 someone

I go 4 M 💙💙

Five years ago Well who cares I just recently became in Meghan Trainor fan I will happily like ok maybe that’s not always but I definitely like this one


Ok achei meu novo Maroon 5 Doin Dirt depois de 10 meses

Here is 2021

This is the only good Meghan Trainer the only other good song by her is her duet with Earth Wind And Fire

This song is really unique 😍 That rhythm of spies and secret agents that it has in addition to the combination of 2 great pop 🥰 THIS SONG IS A JEWEL

the way megan trainor sings Jason s name is heavenly

painkiller jasonderulo 🔥🔥🔥

Wow this came out 5 years ago


i prefer ariana grande and jason

Apakah cuman gw yg seneng liat ini

Omg i found this song on spotyfii today This is a bop This Leeds more attention

chris voice

2020 anybody

5 years from now i still love this


I’m back during quarantine this song deserved and still does deserve so much more recognition

I love this song❤


Wooow we neeed a official music vdo for this song🥺❤️

I💚this song in October 2015

Am I the only one who this needs to be a video for this song🤔🤔🤔🤔who agrees with me🤨🤨🤨🤨

This song is sooo underrated

W T F why this fucking awesome song isn t popular yoooo ITS SO GOOD

My dance team at school did a dance and MULTIPLE performances to this song 3

Im back here after 5 years im still waiting for the music video 😔👊


2 36 3 24 ❤💪💪

I heard this song once on the radio 5 or 6 years ago and never heard it again until I refound it yesterday It’s just as much of a bop as I remember it to be

just discovered this song it’s so good what the hell

I m hear 4 years later still listen 😁😁

4 years later and this song is still a bop

Aun me encanta como el primer día😍 Megatronz♥

2019 2020 anyone Just me

Okay why didn t anyone tell me about this song Angels singing Literally I m in love with this😍😍😍😍

Why is this not a hit


Thiss Iss The Painkiller


Whos in 2019

Judas Priest see this and suicide all band members

2019 😂

Jason Derulo True

Anyone 2019 v

sou good

I love this

This is my most favorite song ever

February any1

Loco escuche esta cancion hace poco pero me enamorooo 😍😍

Wow your voices are unreal together❤️🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

Oooh My God I love the song so much 😍😍

Honestly this song was so underrated I’m listing to it 4 years later and it’s honestly the best thing ever

Fuck this song

2019 any one 🙆😍

Faster than a bullet

Jason derulo songs is the best out there just like other artists out on the music


ive looked at the cover of this song many times and i just realized wtf is on Jasons head its a fucking bush XD

There is only one TRUE Painkiller this IS NOT the one

Jason Derulo Ft Meghan Trainer PainKiller Album

Free stolen shit uh

I m truly enjoying this track

comentário 1000


Nice song

That ending when Meghan said free style and s t just ruined it

Oh my music history

Why Meghan Trainor

coment 1000

Oh evyre good

this song is so under rated

I only just found out about this song kill me


1000th comment


Like si tu cantante favorito es Jason DeRulo y esta es tu canción favorita

why hasn t this blown up yet

Well this isn t Judas Priest Oh and they just called they want their song title back

very wonderful song

this is a great song 3

Fantastic Judas Priest cover

Only 650 dislikes Really good for a song

I thought this is a cover for Judas Priest’s Painkiller and I found this

Their voices blend together so well😍

but i will when i get to minnesota

just poor from moving so i can t buy

just remember that I like it most

seriously like this is EVERY NURSES NATioNAL ANTHEM

from a 27 year old nurse in madison wisconsin moving to st paul minnesota soon

YAY your voice is soooooo damn good in this jrulo and the lyrics are amazing

MEGAN TRAINOR wrights this

about 1000 of these views are me

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