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Jay Aliyev Just A Fool (Yigit Gulum Remix)

Jay Aliyev Dönme Geri (2020)
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Saludos desde Venezuela

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I wonder why such songs go along with pictures of women holding a cigarette

Bad ❤


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1 MOT 1 SEUL 👉 EXCELLENTE 💃🕺👏🔥 MERCI L AMI 🤝👍😎🤫👉🎶👂🌎🌍🌏🔝

Спасибо Хорошая

Hypnotic Love it

I am so tried playing games give me a break I am so cool loving you 😊💋❤️🔥


Her voice is amazing 😍 beautifully done 🎶🔥

Beautiful ❤️ Loving it 😍

Sensacional 🎧🎶 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🥂🍾

👍 класс


🌿🍷🎼🔥😇🇰🇬 Kyrgyzstan





Take it easy

What was the end music

Very nice

Отдуши 👍


Top ✌✌

Не очень

Браво👌Удачи вам Споси за трек

Wow this is heart💔 touching music 😘 Love💖 from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

Oh what a beautiful piece of music damn good ❤️👍🏽

Wow thank you Take it Easy 🙏🔥

Just beautiful 🤩 🎧🎶💎👈🏻😎👍🏼

Absolutely wonderful mix 🎶🎶 🙌 💖


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🇦🇿 🇦🇿 🇦🇿

Arcax is Armenia🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲

Excellent great Rmx ☆

Magnificent sounds 🎶💜🎶


Great track 🎖👈Lovely vocal ❤👈Awesome remix🎼🎯💯 Thank you🙏



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