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Yorumlar ( Little Mix - Wasabi)

I miss Jesy so bad 😢 I m a mixer from America And I love these girls

Thanks a lot now I’m gonna be late for school bc I spent most of the morning listening to this masterpiece

I m obsessed




Fighting for 40M

Deserve 100 million at least

0 50 is that toilet paper

Justice for Wasabi


My forever jam

i honestly can’t believe it’s been a year i remember when this first came out


love to stream Little Mix songs

We ll miss Jesy but its all for her health lov ya so much all of the members of little mix i saw them when they re in xfactor jusjus

one of their best songs

15 milyon olmasına çok az kaldı

Well I mean she did end up going solo so that’s a accurate assumption now

I finally found wasabi

31 5M

“watchin me I ain’t watchin you”

Don’t mind me streaming this like a million times

Wasabi makes me feel 🔥

I had no clue she had an accent

I love their friendship

Get it

People who disliked this has no taste of Music

Split me different

I love how jesy is just sitting and chilling while the others are being hype 😂😂


Wow this is more than awesome😘😍😉

Leigh Anne is just gorgeous with this black outfit I want the same


Wait is this a low budget music Video or was this the concept

This one is my fave

Highly appreciated for giving us this kind of music video

only 31m views not fairrrrr

Stick like toffee

❤❤❤ love

But what the HELL do you know

Either way you talk about me

Love to hate me crazy shady

Queens ✨

What you see I hope you like the view

Watching me I ain’t watching you

lmao Jesy s part is for JFF Tyler Hoody and that goddamn Ali Abr 💀😫

1 43 I was shook when I saw Chris Him and Jesy look Great together Chresy

i love the way you talk abt meee

Stick like toffee sip like coffee

the only thing i noticed was this song was released in 2020 and Jade threw a whole toilet paper role 0 50

I just found about Little Mix and it s about a year old 0


remember when this was new


31 358 611

from user Anneth Roy Mixers Please take this seriously I m a directioner and we directioners did a very big mistake When Zayn left we kept commenting we miss you Zayn and stuff Instead of supporting the boys we kept saying Not good without Zayn And then the band itself broke up😭😭😭😭😭😭😭So please support these 3 angels this isn t mine just trying to help spread awareness

Jade wrote this whole song 😳😳


Don t forget to like this song and stream in Spotify

perrie watching me me i am watching you perrie what u see me yes i like the view i late a year to know this song but now im addicted and watching this many times luv u jadeeee my faveee y

Jesy is beautyful


Justice for wasabi

Ittle mix What the hell do you know Chris what the fu k do you know

0 31 you can see a Seal

Jasy lied

WISH some rupaul queens were in this

When s she going solo erm now 😳



Love little mix perrie jade jesy beautiful duo amoooo

jesy looks so good😩😩

Jesy looks amazing

Wasabi ✨

Love to hate me crazy shady

Wake up change your mind and drop me

Stick like toffee sip like coffee

Leigh Anne’s attitude 🔥😍❤️

Jade Jennie Jesy Lisa Perrie Jisoo Leigh Anne Rose I just thought to make them similar

Badass LM🎉

This gives me a vibe of a Bratz theme song

I ve never tried wasabi

Jesy Nelson is ugly as heck


Bop but underrated


821k to reach 32M

Jade at 1 47 gives me actual life lmao


all these words run through me

watching me I ain’t watching you

either way you talk about me

Come and say them to my face

All the ugly things you say

Glad to be your inspiration

But what the hell do you know

0:00 0:00
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