Miley Cyrus Hate Me

Miley Cyrus 	Golden G String (2020)
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Yorumlar ( Miley Cyrus - Hate Me)

On repeat I m crying while reading some manhua


The best song of the album

I love this song

this song is veeerrry underrated

ah god your voice are you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so beautiful love yooooooooouuuuuuuu

Love this one 💜😍


0 38 and I know I m not on your mind is the best part

Drawing in my thoughts

Go ahead

I wonder

Sounds like her old sweet voice love you Miley

Petition to make a music video out of this underrated song

Just say it to my face

Hate me

I wondered what would happen if I die

Hannah s Montana s vibes

Hate me and Golden G string are the best songs of this album

Thank you for existing Miley 3

Drop the video for hate me please

Definitely the best song of the album

my favourite song 3

te amooooooo

I need to stop my addiction to her songs I waste a lot time when I start listening uff

Estoy amando esta canción 🔥❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

I love this song

that ending was so shit it sounds like the editor got tired and just cut the song in half

miley what s with the beat the drums are all shit wtf are the vocals suppose to be this bad or did you have a hangover this is shit this is horrible wow miley who wrote this for you

have you ever taken a bath in ashes

last night on earth green day but upbeat great track

Plastic hearts is ignored by miley herself She should have made more singles

Underrated masterpiece

Song reminds me of my Ex Its been 4 years since we broke up and I still love him deep down But i know deeper down he doesn t love me

The tone of her voice is so damn warm My heart warms up every time it hears her sing

playing this on repeat on my birthday and crying


I guess this is okay but I prefer Children of Bodom Hate Me

for no reason this song makes me so sad i ll cry

I dont know why but this song makes me want to cry

This song is badass power What a lady

Está canción merece ser el próximo single

She is a killerqueen

Miley IS the most hated artist out there meanwhile She is changing honor of our humanity by not having music trash but back again almost better than in the 60s This girl really have reason why being famous for 😍

She really sounds like Gaga in this song Like Gaga’s sound in You and I miley is so iconic

This song is so sad she s so tired of the hate so she s thinking about her own death

My favorite

This is a masterpiece


What an unbelivable voice

This is literally Hannah Montana singing Not miley


Call me strange but I hear Beatles vibe throughout this song

Hear the Beatles sound in there there no I like it❤️

One of my favourite singer 😘

this album is a whole run through

Maybe that day you won t hate me

And i know I m not on your mind is the best part

so beautiful and catchy

Love you Miley Cyrus I can completely relate to this song 🎶 I like the Beatles sound to it

listen to my new cover of Miley Cyrus wrecking ball 🙏🏻❤️

As pessoas nos decepcionam pra caramba e eu não quero mas falar a respeito enfim e isso

I won t ever hate you

When I look at you I feel love happiness true love you are always on my mine you have opened it up babe I just can t get you off my mine love always Ron

Hallo miley Iam a girl from morocco Ilike à for of the series hannah montana please helpme Iwant to meet My lover he is far from me I from morocco My friand lives in swit zerlan please helpme😭😭💔

I like old miley not like this I m unsubscribing you because I don t like you now a days since you changed your hairstyle you know you re more like acting you want to go to hell I m telling you some 5 or 6 years kids still watch your old movies and search you on YouTube you know them doing bad things

I d love to hear a collab of her and P nk

Why this album is so underrated and Noah Cyrus too

Its fukin worth it to be a smiler

So underrated



This one is so depressing and sad but it is so GOOOOD

Sometimes I think that this song saves me from death

I love this album ❤️❤️ she did really good ❤️❤️

it s like you just read my mind thru this song tis officially my life theme song i guess thank you miley 🥺😔🤍


You won t hate me

To say goodbye

Get drum

I wonder I will be able to get

My thoughts

To that place

To my face


You won t be able to hate me


Get drunk and high

If i die

Like this song so much

Good vibes

This song is so nostalgic

If you have any questions

I Love You Miley

Is there a live version of this song I can t find any and I know this would SLAP live


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