Miley Cyrus Never Be Me

Miley Cyrus 	Golden G String (2020)
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Yorumlar ( Miley Cyrus - Never Be Me)

Eu amo tanto essa música

Every single songs makes my heart hurt for her Liam was meant for her and they couldn t make it work So sad

너 재수업어

Gracias por tu voz y por esta canción que cuando uno se siente como un cristal En mil pedazos

I love almost all of her songs and this one is amazing too How is she able to do such awesome songs


Todo haces bien Miley esta canción es la mejor

I love you Miley 💛

My nephew said is only 8 years old he tells me stop playing this song cause it s so sad Even he feels this song

God this song is amazing

🕊🌎🐝✌️🤞 oh My queen 👑 is so deep Words song Miley cyrus✊respect

Uma das melhores

love love love

i want music video for this brilliant single


This is more than gold

I really don’t understand how the fuck she’s gonna top this album But at the same time Watch her next album be even better 🙌🏼😍


On repeat😪❤🔄🔥

Could be made in 1985 pure 80s sound and I love it hope she will do this more in future albums I realy hate wrecking ball and party in usa didnt like mily at all´ but this album is the best i have heard in years Good melodies 80s sound strong voice I saw her black mirror episode and first i didnt know it was mily the cover from nine inch nales head like a hole was cute I also love her country album younger now with the beautifull malibu She prooves she is more then a commercial music product actuly she is extremly talented Plastic hearts is the best especialy for 80s and rock lovers

Hey Mikey just want to say thanks for writing your song I m glad I understand more I ll kept intoucj your Friend Fabian earthangel babyblue still and always true



If you re looking for someone to be all that you need that will never be Me

Best balllad

Yeah i play with 🔥

The best song 2020 JUSTICE

I can see this in a rainy movie see at night😪😪

Song has Lana del Rey vibes

i always cry with this song

I Love This Song

Imagine Simone Biles doing one of her routines to this

Never be me

But if your looking for faithful

Think I just fell in love

Minha favorita do álbum 😍

I love you Miley 🇧🇷❤

For Me this is the best Miley s album every song is so beautiful and perfect BRAVO

Cada canción es tan buena Este es uno de los mejores álbumnes

Yo sabía que me iba a obsesionar con esta canción desde que la escuché por 1era vez



Her lows are deep Excellence Highs and lows

This is perfect not one song on this album is just okay

I don’t want to keep you in the dark I don’t want to gamble with your heart ♥️

When she sings it’s like she’s not even trying that’s how good she is her voice is one of the best in our generation grew up watching her on Hannah Montana as a kid and now seeing her grow and find her self is something else She’s iconic so versatile in her voice she’s a artist that has tried different genres and do good in them all 😂❤️


LOVE u song

This song gives me ABBA vibes

doctrine honesty ADOPTED

2 38 caught in a lie

Que temazo carajo

bout as close as kurt cobain we gon get she s growing on me i use to didnt take her serious but her songs are deep

Miley te amo x ti vivo mi reina

day 1 of listening to never be me by miley cyrus

Giving me Roxette vibe D




Yeeeees Miley ✨✨✨

don t mind me just sobbing along to this while healing 3 Thank you Miley

From least favourite song to the most favourite from the album is a change 😭

If you re looking for someone that ll be all you need that will never be me✨‼

Lyrics note it should be the only one oh I in the 3rd verse I love this album

The tone of her voice is so damn warm My heart warms up every time it hears her sing

Welcome 3 million I love this song

My phone 1 Me listening to this My phone i ll wait

I need a beautiful simple video for this song

2 40 hits haaaaaaaard it burns I have goosebumps every time I listen to this part of the song And when I m sad it s the part that makes me cry

Gemini anthem 😭


others i m listening and crying the best song from plastic hearts the most saggitarius song meanwhile me buljangnan

Añadir a Revilla de tratamiento con

Amo esta canción 😢

It hit hard when is 01 42 and u saw bye to the friends who were on party with you and one of them is the one you like but you can t have it So you re lying in the sofa and listening to this alone in the song box I m from Brazil so it s a lot of mistakes in this comentary but I just wanto to tell what I feel

favourite song of the album

this is the best song i ve ever ever ever heard

412 people have no taste

the best

I love how shes so unapologetically angry heartbroken healing and moving on in this album

crying in english

Can we get The weeknd X Miley Cyrus

a melodia dessa música é incrível

Great Miley 😮🤩

Everyone who likes this song Is a depressing single person huh yeah 😔 😕 EVERYTHING JUST TAKES TIME I DO SUGGEST THINK ABOUT HAPPY THINGS AND THE SAD THINGS GO AWAY AND YOU WILL FEEL PEACE ✌ ✨ 🙂

Miley Dry your tears now dont you cry Me IM NOT CRYING YOU RE CRYING 😭😭😭😭😭

Any1 start crying hysterically on public transit like me 😩😂 her power tho

Os efeitos sonoros dessa música me lembram demais dos primeiros trabalhos de duplas sertanejas tipo Zezé dia Camargo e Luciano e Leandro e Leonardo Vcs também Esse som que parece um brilhinho no fundo Acho que faz parte da estética dos anos 80 90 Adorei

Brillant The best song of the album for me It reminds me ´drive ´ the cars ans ´take my breath away’ Berlin


3 3 3 3

She’s so Fucking talented🥺 Hanna Montana could never

My favorite

This hits me so hard Love u miley

can t wait for the live version

Que musica boa da porra

I love

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