Monsta X All In

Monsta X 	Love Killa (2020)
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Monbebe quieres entrar a una competencia

Minhyuk being boyfriend material

This song is so good it hurts

26m soon 25 366 100

25 365 701


Oh so tiktok is the reason this is in my recommended again

came back to see if this was as gay as i remembered totally is song slaps i’m happy

Sigue siendo mi favorita de Monsta X Así como Deja Vu –de Dreamcatcher– me hace sentir llena de emociones cada que la escucho y veo su MV muuuuy buena 😤😤😤👌👌👌👌

omg i love that people r coming from tiktok do you guys mind telling me linking what tiktok it was 0


MONSTA X best group

This is so addictive

MonS Responde esto en los comentarios ¿En qué minuto se rie Shownu Pista para el siguiente vídeo “Wonho con chaqueta roja estampada” MXCol

Give Monsta X to what they deserves

Aqui apoyando a Monsta X

i say gay witchcraft fighting against police brutality

Happy Pride 🏳️‍🌈

This song makes me wanna die and be alive at the same time I mean it s not about song directly but meaning and problems in it I m crying every time I listen to it

I am here because of TikTok

i hope the tiktok vid reaches locals and then all in gets revived

müzik sektörünün en iyi mvsi falan

It s kind of irrelevant but I m still not over Minhyuk s Jack Frost look

Gracias spotify x recomendarme esta cancion hace un año y ahora soy una monbebe feliz de conocerlos 3

Grandioso trabajo Monsta X

omg this used to be my fav song last time heard it on repeat everyday and yt decided to recommend it to me again

When it s Gambler era but you are still not over All in

Back to all in this is a masterpiece

I watched this mv 5 years ago now I m back not bcs of tiktok like others I also don t know if it went viral there but I m here cuz I miss them so much 😍 this mv still makes my heart 💖🖐

Tremendo temazo que te digo


Popular opinion if you re Monbebe you don t need netflix

i don t know how many times i watched this mv but the bathtub scene still makes me cry but i can t help to watch it again

this MV is a master piece

me the whole time yo this kinda fruity pls dont come at me im queer

2021 y yo sigo sin superar esta canción ❤️❤️❤️🤩 me encanta mucho está canción ❤️monsta X ❤️

I miss this era SO MUCH

Amo 3

WAAAAAAAAA this video makes me proud for being monwenee

Queria ter conhecido o Monsta X a mais tempo 3

happy pride guys

La historia detrás de esta canción lloro

Best drama ♡

5 years has been passed and i come back here again to see this masterpiece mv 😍

This touched my heart

it s 2021 if u r here u r still waiting for a movie

23 june 2021 ❤️


all out

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Amazing song Deserved a win


happy pride month



los amo

they deserve more attention

de lo único que me arrepiento en esta vida es de no haber conocido a monsta x antes

Saudades do Wonho


This song has to win every award

put english sub please

Bebes esto es una obra de arte pura y dura Los amo



no i m not from tiktok i m just monbebe🥰

Tbh I know Monsta X since 3 to 4 year ago but I never knew about this mv Well maybe because even though I listen to their songs but I was not into them like really monobebe But after this I am simply in love with them I seriously started crying while watching this It s so much more than what has shown in the mv Thanks for the girl who put this mv on her fb story because of her I found this precious gem And they re was not even need for anyone to come at me to say that it has lgbtq theme I can clearly see it if no one had told me about it Wow gotta work to remember everything about Monsta X though I at least know their names since a long time ago

Just happy pride month to all in and to everybody Love is Love

This made me cry Im mad that I just discover it today

what if we got it on world digital chart it s also pride month what do you all think 👀

all in finally getting the attention that it deserves yes this is a masterpiece

all in himno 3

Nunca me cansare de esta canción

약간 젤러시 다음으루 컴눈명 각

Those that are checking out bc of tiktok hi Please check out more of their music promise their disc is immaculate Also can you believe they released this 1 year into their debut Wish it would have blew up when it was actually released

If you saw this masterpiece you should go see their new MV Gambler

To Everyone It s been five years for this song And we still here No matter who you are no matter where you from always love each other Love monbebe monsta x PS bee happy and stay healthy

This song is perfect

5 years later still listening to this masterpiece

monsta x es mi lugar seguro los amo gracias por tanto perdon por tan poco

Reading all these new comments and stories from views who were touched by this MV warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes Being a new fan myself I came upon Monsta X last December during really dark time when I finally decided I had to standup for myself even if it meant once again being alone in my decision And while I was first attracted to this group upon seeing their video for Love U during the St Jude at Home Prom it was this video that solidified my fandom I ve been through what Hyungwon s character went through both in highschool and as an adult  for different reasons and i m ever grateful for my two closest friends for keeping my head above water so to speak These guys have been so inspiring and their visuals have recently got me doing art again

This MV changed my life forever and really made me a member of the ‘clan’ It is a cinematic masterpiece full of symbolism and intense feelings

i m so glad people are discovering this now it deserves lots of love one of the most memorable MV i ve ever watched


she s ahead of her time

Este video es una joya

recreating this as 7 when

Monsta X have timeless bop songs

3 26 welcome to the heaven

next stop DRAMARAMA MV

Stan Monsta X para una mejor vida 3

I remember I thought Minhyuk is serious and kinda dark guy in real life too and was shocked finding out he is literally sunshine

It was my first MONSTA X song and I was obsessed so hard I m glad people are recognizing the masterpiece now

If you liked this video run to see FIGHTER there follows the story and also BEAUTIFUL


Lloró con esta canción TT Ya leí la traducción y no triste pero el vídeo es hermoso TT

Bien hecho por la monbebe que hizo el tiktok eres unx diosx

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