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Olivia Rodrigo Drivers License

Olivia Rodrigo Drivers License
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Yorumlar ( Olivia Rodrigo - Drivers License)

I love you ❤️🥺

Props to 2M been singing till my voice cracks

You so pretty 333

Lesss gooooo


Uma vibe tão boa 🥴🥴🥴

Fuck all them comments this Song has a brigde so i am more than happy

I love you

best song ever

love shouldn’t be all sadness or madness or happiness it should be about love L O V E don’t ever feel sad or hurt about a breakup just remember it’s about love happiness we may fight about stuff make songs but we should know the we must enjoy our time before it’s over you’ll meet somebody else that will treat you better Amen 🤍

SNL brought me here 😂😂

Last week a got my drivers licenses like we always talked about

1song on US radio

Can t drive pass the places we used to go to man olivia I can t either The memories 😢

Over all the noise means nothing else mattered but being happy with babe I know how that feels 200

Me in a relationship and it happening couldn’t be me 😞

This song changed me and affected me in ways I never knew a song could Thank you Olivia Sorry we both had to go fucking through this

My ex who I dedicate this song too has came back and he said does this song still make you sad and think about me and I said yes cuz I should have never had to dedicae this to you in the first place

this song is good because she sounds like a professional

This song sucks


Am I a boy who likes this song YES


Kocham tą piosenkę

Must be two different versions I like the beat on the other versions better


22 32 26 03 2021 3


Damn shordie u got into sum deep shiit

Oh my favorite person on earth

I’m back

It could be the Mandela effect but I ve heard this song before somethings telling me that as much as I like this song its not original

42 this takes me down memory lane young love first love Love it ❣💔

This is the reason why I got my driver’s license

Sounds a little like Bright Eyes no

Why am I comparing her to a younger Alanis Morrisette Love this song


I just found out that this had to do with Sabrina Carpenter

I just found out this was about her wanting someone she cannot have


hey love your songs and your my idol ❤️ this is the best song ever I like it 😍❤️

Aww I love this xx

Makes me feel like person


I love this Song

I know this song word for word 😩

Olivia so pretty

idk why all the pretty girls are insecure

You have the best voice ever you inspire me

This like the most basic shit song I’ve ever heard lmao

well i don t have a bf and i can t drive buuut i love this song


I don’t want much for myself I just want the person reading this to be healthy happy and loved Wishing you a good day

If you feel stupid remember the guy who broke her heart Like how you let go a girl like her beatiful and talented

Man if whoever she was singing this song about sees this he s gonna want her back

another lover drivers license

iv watch this 500Billion times

So you no how I said I guess you didn’t mean what you rote about me Whelp I found out that Joshua baset rote a song called any one else

https youtu be aS 8uyWbCxQ

i remember being 7 and watching her on disney she grew up so much

My girlfriend showed me this and now i wanna give her something that shows her that this wont happen to her any ideas shes trying to get her licence at the end of summer

It makes me happy

This song is just amazing great job Olivia Rodrigo

my nane is olivia we have the same voice i love you im 8

This is such a RIP OFF to into you from Ariana grande

Imagine dating Olivia effin Rodrigo and you just fumbled the bag

I hate this song is so god dang annoying

Listening to this song after I got the driving license

I love this part 2 28

plot twist he was just gaming with the boys

I knew we were perfect but I never felt this way for no one bum bum and I just can t imagine how you could be so okay now that I m home cuz you never mean it you wrote in that song about me you said forever now I drove alone past your street you said forever now I drive alone past your street

I still hear your voice in the traffic we re laughing over all the noise God I m so blue now we too cuz I still freaking love you babe ohhhhhh ohhhhh ohohohhhhh


No no I know we weren t perfect but I never felt this

Ohhhhh ohohohhhhh


Castle places we used to go to cuz I still freaking love you babe

Front lines

Red lights stop types I still see your face

I just can t imagine how you must be so okay that I guess you didn t mean what you wrote in that song about me you said forever no I drive alone past your street

And I know we were perfect but I never felt this way for no

And pictured I was driving home to u

Miss u


Didn t she play in that show called bizaardvark

This could ve been used in thirteen reasons why



This is actually makes me feel sad because it reminds me about my internet friend who I am waiting for like 1 year

You are prettier than Sabrina Carpenter

She is travelling places not his home

It has 2 million subscribers 💜 She deserves it💜

this song makes me cry over a boy ive never met and ive never felt this way for no one

essa música é tão forte 😢

I hateeeee ittt


Your Lip Syncing Sucks

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