Pet Shop Boys Domino Dancing

Pet Shop Boys En Çok Dinlenenler (2020)
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The 80 s were soooo special

Tudo gado


El dúo pet stop lo mejor de los 80S


My favorite Pet Shop Boys video I even had a body like that in the 1980s 2000s



Oh wow This Era of music will never die 80s And 90s I am music lover have listened to to many types of music but without doubt the best it can get


The guy reading the newspaper 🗞️ 📰 went to school with me So happy for him

Introducing the talented legendary band Pet Shop Boys from England


O mistério de rude danre com ritmo caro bem fez

Não se faz mais boas músicas e lindos vídeos como antes e olha que estamos bem avançado com tanta tecnologia não dá pra entender que bom aqui podemos ver e ouvir tudo isso 👍🤙✌️

Somzera 80 s

Looking at the model Feel like 15 again GOD BLESS HER

Yes the pet shop rock it 80 crazy 8 what s years for music

клёвая тёлка и музон норм

The problem is that girl is nice but the boy is also nice

No es gay no es gay da para pensar no es gay no es gay marley se hace


Mi música mi hermosa época donde solo importaba hablar bailar y sentirse feliz con lo simple de la vida Ahora donde todo gira por la complejidad de lo frío de la tecnología que cada vez nos aleja más como añoro estos tiempos 😢 90s lo mejor🥰

Why the hell do I want to go buy a hard hat now

Does anyone know who those two boys are in the video clip

Adoro esta cancion 😍❤💕

25 5 may 2021

Qué carajos 😂 este grupo tiene un montón de éxitos todas sus canciones son mundialmente reconocidas INCREÍBLE PET SHOP BOYS

80s music was the decade we saw electronic music thrive 90s was the peak of rock music and the electronic music grow beyond anything we can imagine

👍👌🙏✝️💖🇬🇧 🎸 Un classique intemporel j adore Pet Shop Boys est un duo synth pop anglais composé de Neil Tennant et Chris Lowe formé à Londres en 1981 Pet Shop Boys a vendu plus de 50 millions de disques dans le monde et a été répertorié comme le duo le plus titré de l histoire de la musique britannique dans l édition 1999 du livre Guinness des records 🙏❤️


divina cacion 24 Mayo de 2021

2021 Türkiye

Even in 2021 she s still beautiful

2021 23 39 May 23

Vivan los Pet y esa guitarra española Ole y oleeee

Русские есть

Who s hearing in 2021 Very good

When musik was musik not a book on how to fucck


80s and 90s music was the best mankind has created


what a bloody anthem

Gracias youtu be por darme vida después de superar el covid A todos cuidaros😍🇪🇸❤️

I listened to a lot of Pet Shop Boys in the 80 s Somehow I missed this song Wow I love it

Growing up in the 80s was the shit🤖

https youtu be oysinl32YrY

https youtu be reDObf1Cfs4

Hi Jlo

tudo de bom

What a time to be alive


My Best friend and I live like this song butt he is R I P and I am still alive but vhen I listning this song i fell like he is so allive and in this time

Tengo 25 años y esta es una de muchas canciones de esa época la que me encanta lamentablemente hoy el género musical cambió bastante esto es buena música 😍😍😍

Una gran canción ya nadie hace este tipo de letras y melodías saludos desde RD

Cuando era joven estaba escuchando esta canción con tanta amor en la vida Queria vivir en España y mira más de 17años vivo aquí Los ilusiones se cumplen Amor amor maravillosa 🥰💖

The Weekend is making millions ripping off the 80s sound

Parte da trilha sonora da telenovela O Salvador da Pátria BRASIL TV Globo 1989


Chip dale

Melodiile voastre sunt frumoase le ascult cu placere🌟😍

Love this music

Beautiful female model

Greetings from Belize central America

My favorite 80s music

Thats o so wright

Essa música é a predileta do meu vizinho ele querendo ou não Um abraço para os brasileiros 2021

odei odei watch da moto ga

Deveria ser o Ino do Brasil véi Muito boa a música

Give like if you agree that YouTube is the closer to a time machine Wonderfull😎

Masterpiece 😇

that woman is so beautiful

Classico I love this song 2021 Brazil

Best song they ever did They did a ton of remixes I worked in a club picking up glasses and it was always on because it enticed the hottest chicks into doing the most amazing stuff Good times

Jeje el sample de okey okey

San Whuuuuuuanito oooh mira

🇧🇷 2021

Chayanne tiene pedazo de cover de este tema en el festival de viña salu3

80 s best time for living

one of the best songs ever

Las bases del latín hip hop freestyle

Looking forward to their next concert in Belgium

Essa música marcou demais vida É um espetáculo

It was my sosie younger An America productor copied my body and face It cost a lot The young with orange t shirts the both sosies are sosies of me when I was adolescent The music was top at this period It must be at ‘Grande Motte’ or an interpretation It’s sosie to a sosie to a sosie me so 3 sosies I was the nicer sosie of them The black girl dress looks like an girl younger of my family in Saint Martin de Londres I never sawn pictures but looks like one of them she has 5 sisters near La Grande Motte at Montpellier I have never tooken her body like that with dancing but other girls with slows in dancing party She is older than me

Wonder what the topless guy looks like now

I love it 3

Pet shop Boy Your The best

Bonita cancion

this song makes me think in my life

Tema de O Salvador da pátria



Por fin encontre esta cancion

Buen temazo de los Pet Shop Boys 3 2 03 ese no es Ricky Martín 🤔

Юность это красиво

80 s 90 s feels like home

Pet apostasy

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