Travis Scott Goosebumps

Travis Scott Sicko Mode (2018)
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Yorumlar ( Travis Scott - Goosebumps)


🔥 FIRE 🔥

Gili jjjjj trtrtrtr

Brazil love travis sccot loki

That shit is like if you drink 10 beers and smoke weed at the same time

Sick video

i love you Travis 💖💖

Esto es algo magnifico miralo aprecialo ooohhh compralo COMPRALO 😈



I get those goosebumps every time is insane

This song its so good

Les Fr vous êtes ou 🇨🇵🇨🇵

I am from Brasiz and i Love yours musics

Editor Quer quais efeitos Travis Sim

Fuck the song and Travis Scott Who’s the editor here

Solo veo comentarios en inglés pero lo voy a escribir igual el inicio de la canción tiene un toque muy John Wick no

una shid

I love the fuck

I showed this to my Shotcut video editor Now it s premier pro


What are you talking about Travis doesn t use autotune

Travis scoot videos are lit asf


Travis is the best bro

Il déchire ce mec il et incroyable

He got 🦢bumpss

Mas garai cade meu pai foi comprar sigarro

og version is better dont me💯

That quite kid in the class headphone

Sick Edit 🔥🔥


Hi Travis can u pls tell us what edit app do u use 💓

kendrik è inascoltabile

Me evertime I want to edit a photo of me 3 37

When your Adopte Video Ediror is about to run out

I don t exit in the shop fortnite

Fucking killed it bruh ❤️

Love from Whole INDIA 😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

Who still bumping this 2021 👀

I get goosebumps watching this

OMG It s the guy from FORTNITE

This a classic

Having your earphones in and then you hear random dogs barking

no warn for people with epileptic dey just gon die

Man i miss Travis old fanbase now it s filled with Fortnight Kids Hypebeast Youtubers and 10 year Old JDM fanboys i aint hating that s the honest truth 😒😔

My friend told me to listen to this song but tbh idk what to think of it after all it s the first song that i ever heard this guy rap


i just want to say I LOOOVE THIS SONG ahh but i never knew the song title lol scratches head lol

I cant believe this was just edited by the gtx cards😂 imagine if the editor have an rtx

Dios me vengo

ooooo musica de da arrepio

Travis Scott goosebumps ft Kendrick Lamar Video Editor XYZ

Carai man cadê meu pai 🎶🎶 Br na área

Nadie El chat de staryuuki 0 45 Lo siento me lo estaba guardando xd

Xd music

I love you


Tack a pic of the dogs pot it on face cam it wod like NICE

This song makes me wanna fly a plane backwards into an upside down tree

Editor How much effects Travis YES

ima bouta go play 2k 93 playshot with this song urs vondrah

This song is almost 4 years old

I like it

tou a rezar pelo editor desta merda desde o primeiro dia em que pus o olho neste video 🙏🏼

Me encanta la parte donde travis dice jshhsjsfsjshsshdjjshsis pqywoed

This song makes my sugar to drug

Yes s

Всем русским привет 👊

The Song is addictive i don’t know how many times I have listened in 2021

This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through quarantine thank god for music I love you 33

2021 Ktoś tu jest



Director how many trip effects❓ Travis yes

hola travis salúdame a la tormenta cuando la veas y a la Kylie si aún te habla

Whose here after the remix by hvme

This video actually gives me goosebumps

I love traves scott

I want press my life yeha

It so scary at the start it gives me goosebumps hahaha

I love goosebumps ahhhhhhhhhh

Led 2010 sont tout content

So sick

Editor que efectos les ponemos Travis si

La mejor música la tiene el travis 🇦🇷

travis scott goosebumps ft Kendrick Lamar

Melhor música do travis scot


Travis how much effects you have Editor yes

Wait did I take drugs No it s video

My name is travis


Anyone who hears the song in 2021 will let Lake see how much

Travis Scott goosebumps Milashka Trombonist Remix https youtu be nNrOg JxVio

This song make me want to rob my own house

This song makes me drive my yamaha r1 with full power without wearing my gears🔥🔥

who still here in 2021

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